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Although the Redmi Note 10 was released relatively recently, the Asian manufacturer has not stopped working on those that will be part of the next generation for this Redmi family. In addition, in recent months different possible Xiaomi patents have been revealed. Although to these details we now have to add the possible change that we will see on the screen of The Redmi Note 11.

We have also witnessed how the brand has been renewing both its current top of the range and the mid-range smartphones for this year. And it will not only be the only detail that we will see, since the firm continues to work on different aspects for the next mobile of the Chinese company. Even, we would not only see important changes in their screens, but also details such as whether they will definitely bet on a sensor under the screen.

OLED screen on the Note 11

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general director of the Redmi brand, in a publication spoke about the new mobile devices that will make up of the next generation of the Note family. Although the most curious thing is that he asked Internet users what surprises they would like to see in these models.

redmi note 10 5g

And the Internet users did not take long to make it clear what they wanted to see in the Redmi Note 11: an OLED screen. The company began using AMOLED screens since this year, since they began to use this technology from the Note 10. However, the Chinese version of these phones continues to use LCD panels, which have a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Despite this great quality on the screen, users made it clear that they want OLED panels.

It is common for Lu Weibing to respond to such popular requests. Therefore, it could be that the Note 11 series in China is launched with an OLED screen, as requested by users. Besides that it would not be anything strange, since OLED screens are used in different products of the mid-range. For example, we already see this technology in the Redmi K40 series and the Xiaomi Mi 11. Therefore, the idea that we finally get to see this next generation of The Note with OLED panels It shouldn’t be crazy. And luckily, in Europe it will remain the same, so this change will affect all lovers of the Asian firm from China.