How it works and what is App SuperSU Pro for – Guide

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Through this guide, you will learn how the SuperSu Pro app works and how you can use it.

We all have our Android devices, but only few people know of the experience of having a rooted cell phone, or with root access, this is a tool that allows us to make free use of most of the options and permissions that our devices have by default, to ensure the security of your entire system.

But it is very common nowadays to use root, and with this it is necessary to make use of different applications, among them is the “SuperSU” application, which will give us a better experience as far as default permissions are concerned.

What is the SuperSU Pro app?

This app called SuperSU is nothing more than a manager that gives us access to superuser permissions On devices with Android operating system, in this way we can have the opportunity to use root applications on mobiles that have already been rooted.

It is an application created by chainfire and one of the options that this application gives us are all the permissions to access the total memory of the terminal on our device, it is even possible to update your firmware without the need to lose the root of your cell phone.

For people who do not know much about this topic here is a brief description, with root we have a “special” permission to act in certain applications of our device, for example we can remove any application that is installed on the system by default, which we cannot do on non-rooted cell phones.

Where can I download SuperSU Pro for my Android device?

The SuperSU Pro App is a tool that nowadays has disappeared from certain virtual stores due to its obsolescence. But like other applications we can go to the official page, which we will leave later along with how to enter. We will also include the APKMirror, which can be used for this purpose.

In addition to this, there are web pages such as uptodown, which maintains to its credit, programs like SuperSu.

From its official site

From this point it is not complicated, it will be enough to enter the official page of SuperSU, and go to the download button. Failing that, we can see the “SUPERSU DOWNLOAD” box. This will direct us to a page where all the versions available to download will appear. This includes your way of downloading either directly, or in a compressed zip file.
Here will be the latest version, that is, V2.82, which we can download and then be used.

Download from the Google Play Store

Currently, the Google play app store does not have the SuperSU Pro App to its credit, since since 2018 it was removed for all users without giving explanations about this. Google only has an application that will inform us of our rooted status, telling us whether or not it has root. This is “SuperSU – Root Checker Superuser / SU”.
Already mentioned this, it is clear that there is no way from the google app store to get the SuperSU Pro. Leaving this option completely discarded for this purpose.

What are the advantages of using SuperSu on my mobile?

As already mentioned, Its main function is to grant permissions to all applications and the system in general of your cell phoneOf course, once it has been rooted correctly.

All this is equivalent to running Windows as an administrator, if you know a little about computers you will understand what I mean. Once the application has been downloaded and installed correctly on your cell phone.

When entering it, the first thing it will show us is a kind of list with all the applications that use the type of permission. It is necessary to press at least one of all the options

ions in less than 15 secondsIf not, the application will immediately deny root access on your cell phone.

app supersu pro benefits

As I mentioned earlier, this application is a root manager which gives us permission to actions that were previously impossible, that’s where its name comes from, because we become SUPER USERS.

Being able to know or deny permissions in the applications that under normal conditions we are not allowed. Here we show you most of the things that this application allows us to do on our devices.

  1. Remove root access momentarily.
  2. Notifications related to application access.
  3. Permanently remove root access.
  4. Transform external applications into system applications.
  5. It has a ghost mode operation.
  6. Delete system applications from your cell phone.
  7. It has at least 4 different themes.
  8. You can hibernate applications.
  9. It has a much faster access in super user mode.
  10. OTA survival mode.
  11. Allows the configuration of records by application.
  12. Protection by using pin.
  13. If we have accepted, well, selected at least one of the applications, it will turn green, together with the logo and name of said application, If no action has been taken, it will turn red.Once here we can change all the permissions that the application requested for the first time. Both that and all the other functions that this application provides us allow us to make our root access much more comfortable and fluid.

Get the most out of rooted Android devices

After rooting our Android devices, we can get the best out of it. As mentioned, this will allow us to access Root and SuperUsuario in the same way. Having access and control to files and features totally out of our reach, not being SuperSU Pro users.

Among these benefits, there will be the possibility of using apps, such as adblock, greenify flashify and others that ask for a rooted computer.
We can delete factory-installed apps, which you could not normally remove from our phone on a regular basis.

Remember that irremovable and useless application that consumed space necessary for new ones. This can be modified with root.

More stable and accessible control for the hardware and software of our Android mobile. Limiting the use of battery and even internet, it is something completely removable from our device, so we do not have to worry.

Hibernate mode for some applications

As we have mentioned, it is possible to hibernate applications as a root user. Remember that many apps tend to continue running in the background. This is a problem as the consumption of RAM or mobile data rises. But if we talk about ease in doing so we can use an app for our mobile, Greenify.

Greenify, focuses its functions on hibernating those apps temporarily through root permissions. As mentioned, it will be temporary because then we can enable them once we need them. We will only need to download, install and give it root permissions. Then start the application and click on the “+” symbol. Which will give us a list of our apps on the device and which one we want to put to hibernate.

android hibernation mode

Access super user permissions

Many root-type applications they need special permissions to function, in SuperSU users it is possible. Accessing these permissions will be an easy task once we are SuperSu users.

In the case of being granted when opening the app that requests it, we must read and press “accept”. This of course, let’s do it as many times as necessary for the app.

In case of not appearing, we must go to the SuperSU Pro app in default mode. We enter the “Applications” tab and from here we select which app or apk we will grant super user permission to.

Other rooting tools for Android

As well as there are several methods to rotate our device in addition to SuperSU. Be it programs on pc like Kingroot and even OCR One Click Root. They are not the only ones, well Magisk Manager and the use of Recovery Mode, they leave us good material to rotate

Magisk Manager

Unlike SuperSu Pro, Magisk manager is a widely used root-type tool. This usually comes into play chen the above methods don’t work to root our device.

This program lets us see what actions it executes on our devices, being able to choose which will occur and which will not.
It has different installation modalities, which boils down to one where a device is root and installed quickly. And of course, a second case to root it with her through recovery twrp or odin. The latter valid for Samsung devices.

The best thing about this program is its continuous updating, otherwise SuperSU has become obsolete. However, we will continue to enjoy the benefits of super user on Android that SuperSU offers us.

To install it we just have to download its zip file from your official website on our device. And using the recovery mode to flash on our device.

Recovery mode

The recovery mode is a good tool widely used in this type of process. This is a access menu to boot settings from our android device. Letting us repair any damage or restore it to factory conditions.

It is easy to access it, since tAll Android phones have recovery mode available. This is accessed with our device turned off, then we press the power button, next to the volume button either + or -. This will depend on the model of each person.

android recovery mode

In the same way, this recovery can be modified or customized through it, being the case of custom recory. Whose CMW function will allow us to flash those root zip files for our device

Always when using this type of application there is a risk, because you must be very careful with the permissions you grant and application downloads on your device, since it is very possible to download some kind of malware, when using third-party stores or external links

In this way all your files and personal affairs are compromised. Of course, it is necessary to have a brief knowledge so as not to put the system of our Android devices at risk.