How to Activate and Deactivate In-App Purchases Within the App

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The games have been very innovative over the years. For many users, games are the best and what they do the most, play. To be able to download the games, enjoy them to the fullest, advance levels, improve their characters and mounts.

Games are quite common around the world and more those that add purchases within their application. This works for a user to pay to be able to buy gems, moves, an in-game item, a mount, or a new character. All this is depending on the game you are a fan of and you want to make a purchase. This is done through the Google Playstore, which you can download to a Chinese brand phone.

In-app purchases

As we mentioned before, we can carry out these micro transactions when we want to unlock a character or options. You should know that these types of purchases are permanent, it means that when we unlock what we want we will have it forever, even if you delete the game a few days later.

So, before buying any character think about it and choose the one that best suits you to win. If you are a regular gamer, you should know that there is an application to save battery life on Smartphone and thus play longer.

There is also the possibility that you can make purchases in exchange for consumable items, are the transactions we carry out in exchange for tokens, hearts, gems and coins. Usually this is to be able to make purchases in the game, or to be able to advance to a new level. When consuming all these “chips” or whatever they are called depending on your game, you will have to buy more, since these are not infinite.

Another of the most common purchases is subscriptions, what you do is buy or pay for the subscription of a character that interests you so much but is only at a certain moment of the game.

We usually download games that are free, but many times these free games come with in-app purchases (which are not mandatory to do) but we can still see that the best objects, mounts or suits, are to buy with real money and this is where we ask ourselves whether to pay to obtain the item that I want or not. If your internet connection is not good, you will not be able to play online games, so you will have to resort to the best games without internet on Android.

How do I activate in-app purchases?

There are many people who are not at all interested in making a purchase in a game. But just as there are such people, there are also those who are addicted or they love to buy things to improve their game. Another way to make games feel better is to enhance the graphics with GL Tools. However, if what you want to do is make a purchase, you must follow the following steps:

First, you must enter the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Look for the three horizontal stripes that are at the top of the screen, when pressing we will see that a side menu will appear. Press on settings and look for the section where it says “ask for authentication when making purchases” and finally click on that section and select the option you want.

I want to disable in-app purchases

It’s quite funny the fact that to be able to buy objects in our game with our credit card, something that never crossed our mind, is that we could buy that costume promoting me with my real money. This way we can save a lot of time and we will also look super original.

exchange payment credit cards

If what you want is power disable in-app purchases on your phone in order to avoid any unwanted purchase. You will have to follow the following steps, which are basically the same as the previous ones, only changing some things in the final part.

First enter the Google Play Store application and select the menu that is on the side of the screen, enter the settings and you will see “user controls” with different options, when you exit “ask for authentication for purchases” Choose “never”. In this way, integrated purchases will be deactivated and you will be able to use the games and applications without any risk of making a purchase.