How to Block a Person in iMessage for Spam Messages – iPhone and iPad

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iMessage is the quintessential social network for iOS devices. If you buy any new Apple device, will have the iMessage app pre-installed with which you can communicate with your contacts in a very simple way. This application is very similar to WhatsApp, as it fulfills certain very similar functions, since it is an instant messaging platform.

As iMessage is an instant messaging application, through it you can contact any user who has active iMessage on an iPhone, or any other Apple device, as long as you have their phone number or iCloud email. It is for this reason that you could see yourself in the situation where you have been contacted by iMessage by a person with whom you do not want to talk, so you may find yourself in the need to block it, and that is exactly what we will teach you this time; how to block a person in iMessage.

How do I filter iMessages from unknown senders?

To filter messages in iMessage from unknown users, that is, people that you have not added or in your contacts (phone number) or email, you have to do a very simple process in the iMessage settings on your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

What you must do to filter messages from unknown sources in iMessage is to go to the device settings and navigate to the “Messages” section and enter. When you are in the Messages settings, you have to look for the section of “Message filter”, and turn on the option “Filter unknown”.

Procedure to block an iMessage user from sending you texts

If you have already filtered the messages of a user, but still it has not stopped bothering you, because the most logical option that you have is to block that user. Whenever you want block a person from iMessage you must do a very simple and fast process.

To block a user from Apple messages you must first enter the application from your device. Then you have to enter the chat with the person you want to block and click on their name. When the options menu is displayed, enter the “information” section. As soon as the user’s profile appears, click again on where it says “information” and navigate to the end of that section where you will see the option to “Block this contact” which will be written in red. Click on the option that we just told you about and that would be it; after that you will have already blocked that annoying contact.

How can I report spam or spam in iMessage?

When text messages from unknown people reach your iMessage, the application will automatically show you a notice below the message in question in which you will have the possibility to report it as spam or unwanted.

This does not mean that once you have reported the message, the user will not be able to continue writing to you, because Reporting it does not prevent the person from contacting you. If after reporting the message the user continues to bother you and you want him to stop doing so, the option you have left is to block the user through the method that we discussed in the previous point.

iMessage on iPhone

To block a person from your device (phone number), FaceTime or MailYou must follow certain steps, but we already anticipate that they are not complicated at all.


When you want to block a person from your iPhone, that is, block it so that it cannot even call you, you will have to enter the Phone app and search in the recent or contacts section for the person you want to block. Go to “information” and navigate to “Block this contact”.


To block a user on FaceTime, you will first need to enter the application from your Apple device. Find the conversation with the person you want to block, click on the information icon, navigate to the end and click where it says “Block this contact”.


If you want to block a person from Mail, you must first enter the application, find an email from the user you want to block and click on their name. When the list of options is displayed, look for the one that says “Block this user” and press it.

Where can I see which numbers or users I have blocked?

To see which contacts you have blocked on your Apple device you must go to the settings of the function where you want to verify your blocked contacts. This means that if you want to see the contacts that you have blocked in Phone, then you must go to settings, then enter the phone and in the blocked contacts section you can confirm who you have blocked.

Users blocked in iMessage

If you want to verify the same information, but in FaceTime, Messages or Mail, you must do the same process, but in the respective settings of each Apple function. That is, if you want to see the users blocked from FaceTime, go to the app settings, and you must do the same with Messages or Mail.