How to Change the Language of the Keyboard on my iPhone Mobile or Have Two Languages

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The iPhones, They are one of the big brands preferred by users due to its simplicity, aesthetics, design and a user-friendly system that has earned over the years millions of loyal followers of the brand.

Your iOS system is developed by Apple Inc. Mainly for the iPhone device, this was released on June 29, 2007 and its latest version on March 8 of this year (2021) iOS 14.4.1 available from the iPhone 6s.

The premise of this system, as mentioned above, is that any user can use it without problem and that its use flows organically, quickly and comfortably. Despite the updates, the base is still there, which is why an iPhone user always knows how to handle one of these devices, be it the oldest or the newest. IPhones from the 4S model have voice control, and it is very common to see users who know how to take photos with voice control on iPhone.

Keyboard settings

Among the amenities provided by this device, you will find the possibility of handling two languages At the time of writing, this feature was developed for those users who are used to communicating verbatim using two languages ​​(even more), all thanks to extremely easy settings to activate, update and modify.

The first thing the user should know is how to get to the menu keyboard settings, for this it is enough to go to settings, then to general, then keyboard; once there it can add as well as delete and even order your keyboard list.

To add a keyboard you just have to enter the configuration following the steps mentioned above, then select the option “Add new keyboard” and so on until adding the desired ones, right at this point the user can select the language they prefer.

How to change the language of the keyboard on my iPhone mobile or have two languages?

When adding a new language, it will automatically be added to a list which the user can consult and modify From the configuration, to access you only have to go back to configuration, then to general and finally select language and region.

In case of a new language clearly some things change, including the dictionary used for automatic correction (very useful to correct those words that are misspelled due to speed or forgetfulness).

It is also possible that the number of letters arranged on the keyboard may be reduced or enlarged (all depending on the case), and one of the most useful tools, change the dictionary used for predictive text, which saves the user a great deal of time by allowing them to complete sentences as they type presenting options for previously used words or phrases.

It is important to highlight that keyboard configures automatically depending on the language that the user has selected when programming the phone for the first time, that is why if you want to use this useful tool, the user must activate it manually, as explained above.

This tool promises to allow the user write in two languages Without having to change the keyboard, since it automatically switches between the two languages ​​that you use the most, it is important to emphasize at this point that this option is not available for all languages, however it is for those most used.

castle coming out of iphone

How to remove a keyboard from iPhone?

In any case, you can always delete the keyboards you want and even deactivate some functions from the same configuration menu. If the user wants more personalization, they can disable the predictive text tool and even automatic correction in simple steps.

Finally if it is the case and on the contrary you need translate your messages Instead of having a keyboard that makes it easier for you to write in other languages, there is the possibility of simultaneously translating WhatsApp messages or any other messaging application from your iPhone.

It is for this and more than despite the cost of its products, iPhone still the favorite among SmartPhone users, the ease of use of its products has created a loyal community that is always looking forward to the latest release or update, this could even be said of the corporation in general and all the devices it offers, including the iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, just to mention a few.