How to Crop a Photo in a Circle Using Programs or Applications

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One of the main elements necessary when editing a photo is to crop it to only leave the desired part visible or to adjust the size of said image to specific measures.

Considering then, that currently most social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and even the WhatsApp application shows profile photos with a circular cutout on their platforms, it is necessary to recognize the usefulness of knowing how crop an image into a circle shape.

For this reason, we will show you a simple guide for you to learn how to cut a photo or image in the shape of a circle. So that you can take the initiative to crop a circular image from different programs or applications depending on the one you have at your disposal.

Quick and easy ways to cut an image or photo into a circle

There are several ways to crop an image or photo in a circular shape. Depending on the software used you will have more or fewer steps. And depending on how familiar you are with the tool to use, the degree of difficulty will be. The most common tools are: PowerPoint, Paint 3D, Pic Monkey and Adobe Photoshop.

Today the trend is to present logos, photos and images within circles, without neglecting other geometric figures. Both in the new social networks and in the web pages, the logos, the security elements of the publications, tend to be designed within circles or in solid circular shapes.

Using Word

Word is one of the best tools for cut circular shapes in imagesNot only because of the ease with which it is possible to insert and modify images in Word, but also because it is a program that is available to any user. In this way you will be able to cut photographs in a circle with Word from your computer, and even from the version of Word for mobile devices.

Then for crop a picture into a circle shape in Word, the first step is to insert a circle using the ‘Shapes’ tool available in this section of the program. You must define this circle as one with the ‘fill with image and texture’ option that you can access by right-clicking on the circle.

Once you select the fill option, you must then select the image to which you want to crop in the shape of a circle and export it to the document. Later, once you insert the image of your preference, you can adjust the image inside the circle in word so that the elements of it that you want are shown.

Using PowerPoint

Through PowerPoint, following the steps below, circular or ovoid images are obtained: Insert tab> select the desired image (from another file or gallery). Clicks Insert.

In PowerPoint, right click on the selected image, and choose Image Format to activate the Image Tool in the top bar and select the circular or ovoid image style.

With Canva

While the majority of Canva users use this platform to more professional aspects like putting animations on photos, making digital invitations, just to name a couple, this does not mean that a simple job such as cropping an image in a circular shape in Canva is not possible.

The first step is to go to the ‘Elements’ section that is located in the left panel of the window. Once there, you must locate the elements called ‘Frames’ and select the circular shape. Subtract will take care of cropping the image in a circular fashion.

crop a circular photo in canva

Subsequently, you must select and drag over the frame the image you want to cut into a circle shape. In this way, the image automatically adapts to the shape of the circular frame, so if you want to zoom in so that the elements you want to show are better seen, you will only have to double click on the image and adjust it to your liking.

In this way, you will get cut out circularly successfully in the photos you want and through the Canva platform.

How to crop image in circle using Paint 3D

When expressing creativity in a particular design, the need arises to cut an image in a circular shape. The Paint 3d tool can help us in this homework. We have already used it many times to generate square or rectangular models, now let’s see how to achieve perfect circles or ovoids.

Open the image to be cut

Launch the Paint 3D application on the computer, insert the image you want to crop by going to Menu> Open. Can insert a photo from the camera or another image from the image gallery, depending on your preference.

Draw a circle in 2D

On the toolbar, select ‘2D Shapes’ at the top and then select Circle from the right sidebar. Place the pointer next to the figure to cut out. Without releasing the left mouse button, drag it to generate a circle. To avoid deforming, hold down the Shift key while dragging the pointer.

create circular logo

Set the parameters of the drawn circle

Once the circle has been drawn, without clicking on the drawing, the parameters are adjusted. First, make sure that the line type is ‘Solid’ and the option Fill be ‘None’ in the right sidebar. The guy on the line is white. Adjust the thickness of the line in the right sidebar. (Hint 100px.),

In order to adjust the desired circle size, drag the ends using the squares on the dotted line around the figure. Hold down the Shift key for the best results. Lastly, click on the check mark icon to add the circle.

Crop the image as a square

At this time, use the Crop tool located on the top bar and cut out the image you are working on. You will see a thin, white, square-shaped line around the circle. Adjust the size of the desired area by touching the inner edges of the circle. Hit ‘Done’ in the right sidebar to crop it.

Erase the outer edges

Now you need to erase the background without cropping on all four sides of the circle. To do this, use the Brushes icon, select an eraser (Eraser) in the right bar. The part outside the circle is erased, pressing the left mouse button and dragging the pointer over the outer excess areas. There are several pointer thickness options for speed and accuracy when erasing.

Make the background transparent

In drop down tab, select ‘Save As’, file format ‘image’, taking care of select the extension of the PNG name. This keeps the image transparent. You can then use this circular image in another composition that you like. You can use this same process with the 2D shape of your choice and follow the steps described here.

How to cut out and design a circular logo

  1. Opens an image file with a JPG or PNG extension.
  2. Doing double clip on the image turns it into an editable layer or panel you choose ‘Layers’, Layer ›New› Layer from background.
  3. Choose the ‘Elliptical Marquee’ tool and you will get an exact circle by holding down the shift key and dragging the pointer over the shape into place.
  4. Position the pointer where you want to trace the circle on the image or photo. Then you do right clip to fix the selection.
  5. You make a clip on the outside to select what is left of the image and select ‘delete’
  6. In the ‘Select’ menu, choose ‘Deselect’ to eliminate the rest of the selection and, with the ‘Crop’ tool, the extra pixels around the required image are erased.
  7. When saving the image, save it with a PNG extension so that it preserves transparency. Since another format will convert your transparent background into a stable background.

How to crop an image or photo into a circle with Canva for mobile

First, you must download and install the Canva app on your mobile to continue with the following steps:

  1. Open the app and go to ‘Elements’, in the menu on the left of the screen and scroll down to the section ‘frames’ and choose the ‘circle’
  2. Once the frame is chosen add the image you want to work on, from the ‘uploaded files’ folder.
  3. You may modify its size and position, dragging the frame from the corners
  4. Once finished, double click on the circle to crop the image Immediately.
  5. If you you are wrong returns to the original image, Canvas allows you to edit it again.

With these steps you can continue editing and adding all the designs that you can think of, adding effects, Stickers, combining them with templates. When you finish, don’t forget save the changes.

Online platforms to crop photos in a circle

Making attractive and quality designs today not only requires the development of skills and abilities, but also to be informed of graphic design apps or applications created for this purpose and that can also be accessed from the mobile phone. The most common and recognized apps or applications are:

Pixlr: Allows Manipulation of photographs generating a good number of effects, borders and overlays. You can fix red eyes, crop, and resize photos. In addition, you can create overlapping images and with text.

Canva: It is a very easy-to-use app for beginners and does not require knowledge of graphic design. It has templates to create brochures, logos, posters, business cards, flyers, book covers, etc. Is free.

Adobe Spark: Useful for Create graphics, web pages and videos in a short time. Allows you to apply filters and animations to your images. It offers an inspiration gallery, graphic content blog and templates. It is a free application.

Adobe Photoshop Express: To use From the Smartphone, enhance and edit your photos, add texts and borders to the images and improve the quality. Add filters and effects to create collages, flip images or modify photo angles, remove noise, improve focus, and create movement with full blur option.

crop a photo in a circle

Crop an image into a circular shape in Paint

To crop a photo in a circle with the Paint program, you can use the latest version of the program or even the normal Windows 10 classic Paint, since it’s a simple process. To do this, you must enter the program and then open the image or photograph that you want to cut in a circle.

Once there, you must draw outside the image you want to cut, on the part of the blank sheet in Paint, a circle using the shape insert tool of the program. Subsequently, you must insert a rectangle, above the circle and that completely covers the part of the image that you do not want to show in said circular shape.

Once you make the rectangle, you must fill it with black so that only the circular part is left without that color. Then you do a Rectangular Shape Selection on the black rectangle and place it on the image to be cropped. So that it covers the photo and the circle shows the desired item.

Finally, you just have to change this color of the excess box to white and save the image cropped as a jpg file.