How to Fix the Problem ‘’ Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped

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Thanks to the gift of communication, humans become what we are today. We are highly specialized creatures, and just as we are that, we are also highly dependent. This is because the human to be able accommodate to the environments in which it was located, began to develop sciences that helped him better understand himself with the space around him.

One of these sciences was computing. Thanks to this, humans have made advances that we could never have imagined, and the worst thing is that it would not even be something unimaginable hundreds of years ago, but science advances at such a rate that what we do today it was given as impossible only decades ago.

The most important step was instant communication, and humans are great at it. One way that we found to be very effective is smartphones. If you have one and it shows you the error ‘’, we show you how to fix it.

What causes the ‘’ when I am opening an App?

This error is highly common due to the fact that all Android phones are made with the same operating system, the errors of which are repeated in all the devices that are sold. A very common error occurs when a file in RAM gets corrupted and causes a crash in services that are used from the Software in order to keep the hardware processes running.

If you want to download applications in the safest way, it is important that you have knowledge about downloading the Google Playstore on any phone. When you accept the terms of this service, you accept a series of applications that help Google keep in better working order the apps on your phone. One of these is the Google Play support service.

This support service is basically an internal console that keeps a record of everything that is done in the App. When it begins to behave strangely, the service sends a record to Google and it sees how it solves the problem. Many times you can evidence this when an App on your Smartphone closes and then says if “You wish to submit a bug report to Google Play”.

This service can find a bug in the apps that causes the service to stop as such, and this happens when the cache of an App contains a corrupt file. If this happens, Google Play services stop and this causes a series of error messages very annoying.

How do I fix the ‘’ error?

This is an extremely easy procedure. We remind you that it is important to have Google Play updated to its latest version, since this makes it download a new version which is surely free of the errors that made the previous one have problems with its users.

However, if you cannot eliminate this problem by updating Google Play, the problem may be caused by some compatibility error between the brand of your phone and the protocols of this Apps market. In this case, it would be better to disable Google Playstore.

The most effective way is by resetting an Application’s RAM or cache registry. If you want to do this, you need to enter the Settings section of your phone. To do this, open the app drawer and look for one that it looks like a gear.

Once you are in this section, you should look for a button that says “Applications and Notifications”. If you select it, it will show you all the apps that you have downloaded to your phone. If this problem occurs when opening a specific app, you should go and clear the cache of that app. If not, you must with the Google Playstore App.

android app drawer

What other solutions are there?

Well, it is important that you know if your version of Android is up to date. To do this, we recommend that you review the List of Android versions, so that you know which one is yours and how advanced or behind you are in it. It is important that you update your system to eliminate problems developmental.

It is important that you know that it never hurts to restart your phone, so that all processes can be restarted and thus work correctly. If none of these solutions work, restart your phone at Factory settings.