How to Format an Android Mobile From the PC – Step by Step

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When you have a problem with your cell phone or with the software of your mobile device, which you cannot solve. One of the most efficient ways to repair it is to format the operating system. In this way, you will be able to restart the firmware of your phone and with it fix almost any type of problem that arises and that it is related to the software.

By restoring the values ​​of your telephone or tablet you can repair almost anything, from the slowness of the system, to the fact that there is some common error within it that could affect its performance, making it much slower, which will be repaired with the formatting of the cell phone.

This is usually taken as one of the simplest solutions, since it guarantees that the whole system returns to 0 and thus you can reinstall all those applications that are presenting a problem due to synchronization or update.

When restoring the device to its factory version, you will lose all the data that you have on it, this includes Photos, videos, applications, contacts and settings.

What program to use to format any Android mobile?

Thanks to all the tools that you can find on the web, it is possible that format your phone or your Tablet from the comfort of your PC. This may interest you, if the manual method is a bit complicated for you. To format your mobile or tablet from the PC, you just have to follow the following steps without skipping any:

  1. To begin, you must have the drivers for your mobile previously installed inside your PC so that in this way the system can recognize it without any problems.
  2. After that, you will need to install the application ADB and FastBoot inside your computer.
  3. Now, you must grab your telephone and turn off your phone. After that, you will have to press and hold the buttons: power and volume down, all this simultaneously. You must wait for the device to start.
  4. When you have started your phone, you will proceed to connect the cell phone to your computer. For this, you must use the cable USB.
  5. After that, you must run the ADB and FastBoot command window in order to start the process. For this, you must enter each of the commands that you will see in the screen, and then press between. You can see that each command will be represented in quotation marks, so within the commands you will not need to add them to send them.
  6. You should start with “fastboot erase cache”This will be the command that will delete the cache, all this without even formatting the device.
  7. Once that step is ready, you must enter the “Fastboot reboot” in order to start restarting your mobile. From this point, you can verify if the problem that plagued your phone can be solved. If, on the other hand, you do not find anything regarding this, it will be necessary for you to continue with the following steps.
  8. In this step you will be able to access a factory restore, and all this you will do with the command “fastboot erase userdata”.
  9. When the whole process is finished, you will be able to access the “fastboot reboot” again to be able to restart the device.

clear android data

How to use Universal ADB Helper to format a phone from PC

To start you must have all the drivers for your phone Android installed inside your computer. When it is installed, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Start by connecting the Android device to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. When it has been connected and your PC has recognized the device, proceed to run the tool Universal ADB Helper.
  3. Inside the screen, you will see that you will only have a single option which is “Reboot“After that, you must press the option”Bootloader”.
  4. There, you will see that you will be able to choose the option that says “Factory Reset via Fastboot”.

If all these commands fail to have any effect, it is likely that your phone will not be recognized by the computer. And this in turn, can be caused by a connection problem with the USB Cable.

Steps to format a cell phone using buttons

Another alternative for regain access to our Smartphone, it is through the reset by buttons. This is generally one of the most used by specialist technicians on the subject. As a first step you will have to turn off the terminal, when you see that it turned off completely, you will have to locate the power button and also the volume up and down buttons.

Usually the key combination is volume down and power button, or in other words. We must turn on the device while pressing the volume down button. In case this does not work, use the volume up. Once this is done, the developer options menu will be shown.

recovery mode on android

Here we will have to look for the option of ‘reset‘, to move through the menu you will do so by pressing the volume up and down buttons. Once you get to the option, mark it with the power button and wait for the process to finish. With this, your terminal will be like new in a few minutes.

How To Format A Locked Cell Phone – Is It Possible?

The recovery mode that we saw in the previous option, it is one of the most useful because it allows us to unlock any phone and also even if it is locked. Therefore, in a few words, if it is possible to format a blocked cell phone and it is done by following the steps mentioned above.

Is it possible to format a cell phone from another cell phone? – How to do it?

Although it may sound impossible, it is possible to format one cell phone through another. This through the security options that our device implements when sign in with a Google account.

To do this we usually use a computer looking for the administration of our account of Google. However, this can be done from another mobile calmly, it is necessary that the mobile is modern to facilitate work. You will simply have to type in the Google search engine ‘find my Android’. This will direct you to a page where you can see your device and where you can erase it completely and leave it at the factory.