How to have control of your phone from the PC

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Surely it has happened to you that your mobile has fallen and the screen has been damaged and you cannot use its touch screen as before, and you cannot do anything from it. Or maybe you are on your computer doing some work and you need have control of your telephone, access the information without having to distract yourself too much looking for it or divert your attention to another use.

Today, there are many applications so you can have the control your phone from PC no matter what brand it is. The applications adapt quickly to make your experience much easier without having to use extra cables.

What kinds of devices can be remotely controlled today?

Mainly the devices that can be controlled are those Android that are compatible with the applications that allow this action, in addition to having good storage and stable connection to the network.

Learn to control your Android from your PC with TeamViewer

TeamViewer on an online or downloadable platform with which you can remotely access another device safely, establishing connectivity through platforms anywhere and at any time.

Therefore, the application allows you to control your Android mobile without having to use it physically.And that is why TeamViewer stands out as one of the most popular Apps for it. control your phone from PC. Solving from complex problems to helping a family member from a distance to make a configuration within their phone remotely.

As a first step, you must download the app on both devices, such as server and client. In this case, you can access online from the browser or download the application on your PC and on your Android the application would be TeamViewer Host,, so the PC would act as the Server and your mobile as the client.

After completing the registrations and logging in, you must synchronize the phone with the computer from the Computer tab and follow the steps described there.

Easily link your cell phone with your computer for everything

There are mobile development companies and their own software that include in the original package applications that allow you to carry out a remote connection of your mobile with the pc, autonomously and secure from your platform.


In the case of SideSync it has been designed by Samsung so that all your devices can have the function of connecting to another device or computer without the need for external applications that could disrupt your privacy.

Compatible with Windows and Mac To synchronize the content of your Android mobile using Wi-Fi or a USB cable, the installation of the application will allow you to receive notifications, make or answer calls, text messages, WhatsApp, alarms and share files.

To use it, you must install it on the PC and on the mobile from Galaxy apps or Play Store, but for this you must have Windows greater than XP, 1 GB RAM, minimum hard disk space of 500 MB, as for Mac you need Mac OS x10.7 .

For mobile, you must have Android KitKat 4.4 or higher.

How to control your cell phone with a Chrome plugin on your PC

A much simpler alternative so you can remotely connect your mobile with the PC It is with a Google Chrome extension or Plugin called Vysor.

First you must install the vysor extension for any operating system that uses the Chrome browser. Then install the ADB controllers for Windows in case you don’t have them.

control your phone

Next, connect your mobile using a USB cable, previously activating the USB debugging of the mobile in Settings> Developer options> USB debugging. Once this step is finished, open the extension in the browser and wait for the notification of the established connection, Vysor will immediately install its APK on your mobile of about 8MB, so it is a fairly fast process, and you are already finished.

Other viable options to control your mobile remotely

If none of the above options still work for you, we will show you more tools so that you can synchronize your mobile.


This free tool allows you to use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to manage your mobile in a virtual way.


To perform some type of maintenance, installation, recover something from your mobile, install backup copies or access other applications, ClockworkMod it is the ideal for all Android devices.


In the same way as the previous softwares you will be able to backup, restore, make backup copies, recover messages, photos, videos and synchronize applications from Windows or Mac for Android and iOS devices.