How to Hide Photos on iPhone or Mac Using Password

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Privacy has become a great need, especially if it is our mobile phones. In these computers, we store a large amount of information, which in most are personal and we don’t want anyone to have access to it.

In particular with the photos that we take or that they send us and we want to keep them with great suspicion. For this reason we are going to show you how to hide photos with password on your iPhone in a few seconds.

Undoubtedly, the advancement of technology makes possible almost anything you can think of and even more so with the different applications that exist. But it is possible that through one of these applications I can Hide Photos with Password on your iPhone in a few seconds. The answer to this question is that it is possible and we bring it to you for use.

With this application of Manzana you will be able to do something that a short time ago was impossible to do and you will feel more secure and calm that no one can violate your security. You just have to download, install, and apply the steps that we are going to explain, so that in a few seconds you have safe all your photos.

What are hidden photos in iOS and iPadOS

It is a tool or function possessed by most operating systems. It allows us to hide albums or directly images from our gallery, either in a simple way (it is only made ‘invisible’) or with a more protected system (by means of a password)

The iOS and iPadOS operating systems have this function with similar processes, so recognizing how the task works in one, we could assume how to carry it out in another.

How to hide photos on Mac devices

Before I start to explain How to Hide Photos with Password on your iPhone in some seconds using the application, I want to remind you that there are two ways to do it without using it. One of them is the following, we are going to go to any photo that we have on our mobile device and select it.

Next we are going to select the share option, then at the bottom of our screen, we are going to scroll to the right and we are going to find the option to hide, we press it and then we select to hide photo. And in this way we have hidden the photo so no one else can see it.

But this option has a drawback and that is that the photo is not completely hidden, it is saved in another folder called Hidden album. By selecting this folder you can see it, so this way of hiding photos is not very practical, it just passes it from one file to another. Now we are going to explain the second way to eyepiece photos without using apps.

This way of hiding photos consists of going to the IPhone Settings, then we select notes, then we are going to set a password. We will use this password once we have activated Face ID. Then you must go to the notes app and you must create a new note.

After this we are going to go to the camera icon, we press there and several options will appear we are going to select Photo library. This action will open the photo libraries and we will choose the one we want protect with passwords. After this, we are going to click on the OK option and this will make the photo appear in the note.

hide photos on iphone

On iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The process to hide photos on any of these devices is very similar, so the most general way to do it is by going to our gallery, once here we choose the photos or videos that we want to hide, we press the share button and there we will be offered the ‘Hide’ option; to finish, we confirm the option.

On Mac

It is a simple task that includes opening the photos application, select the files we want to hide, press ‘Ctrl’ and click on the photo, a list of options will appear and click on ‘Hide photo’.

Also, it is possible to hide photos from the menu bar by selecting ‘Image’> ‘Hide photo’.

How to put password to photo folder on iPhone

Just like it is possible to hide individual files like photos and videos, we have access to use a more complex system like passwords in albums of pictures.

The native iPhone gallery does not allow password to photo / video albums; However, there is a trick we can perform to get the job done. We must take into account that for this, we will have to create our album from scratch.

Create a photo album with password

For this we will need the intervention of the application ‘Notes’. We will go to the gallery and select the photos that we want to hide, go to the share button, and press the notes app. A new note will then be created, we put a name and click on ‘Save’.

In order to protect the album with password, we will go to the application, we enter the created note and go to the share button. Here, we will be offered the option ‘Hide note’. A window opens where you will enter the password, and once placed, our photo album will be locked.

hide photos

Protect photos with Face ID / Touch ID

This last method that we are going to apply to hide photos with password on your iPhone, it is through an application. This way of doing it is very easy and simple, the first thing we are going to do is download the following application Darkbox.

In the App Store you can find many Applications that will help you carry out this same procedure, if you do not want to download the one that we are commenting on.

This application that we are recommending works with a numeric key, but it can also work with Face ID or Touch ID. The first thing we are going to do is download and install the application and then we open it. You will notice that its interface is similar to a calculator and no one will suspect that you have files containing photos stored here.

It will ask you for a password and then you must create folders, where you will import the images that you have on your computer to hide them.

It also offers you the possibility of importing videos, this application is very easy to use and will give you what you want so much and that is privacy. And in these ways you have learned how to hide photos with password on your iPhone in a few seconds.