How to know if the battery of my iPhone is Original, Generic or China – Easy and Fast

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Without a doubt, Apple is one of the most chosen brands in the world, due to the good appearance of its electronic devices already its good functioningSo much so that even users using Android devices are looking for a way to make their phone look like an iPhone.

However, for the same reason of being a brand chosen by many; tends to be one of the brands more copied with the development of replicas; of the same devices and even of the components of the same.

Why are iPhone replicas created?

The fact that this smartphone brand is so famous makes some companies, or phone developers try to plagiarize your devices, in a direct or indirect way, as in the case of airpods which are generally created in China, where the masters of replicas are found.

In this country they have several stores capable of replicating the devices of the Apple company, having a wide variety of replicated devices. And likewise assigning each one a category; based on the device created that is most similar to the original with regarding their appearance and functions.

All this in order to attract consumers who cannot afford a phone from the original Apple store; and want to get a similar one. It should be noted that the replicas that exist do not only focus on the devices; but also in the components for this, such as mica, screen, even the battery.

Are there replica iPhone batteries?

One of the details of any smartphone, especially iPhone is that device battery always has a predetermined lifetime; that with time and number of charges wears out. And when reaching the limit it is necessary to look for a replacement for it; so that the device keeps its good working order.

The truth is that the piracy and replicas industry has a great diversity of elements, with a replica of practically any product; that is high consumption, iPhone batteries are one of the components of Apple with more replicas.

The problem with this is that there are merchants that offer you replica iPhone batteries at the price of an original, all of this without your being aware of it, making you realize the time you have used it; since these batteries tend to download faster than it should thus affecting the owner of the smartphone.

How to know if the battery of my iPhone is original, generic or Chinese

The moment you decide to change the battery of your iPhone device, it is recommended that you visit a certified technical service site where use original Apple tools and parts. Although there are technical services not authorized by the same company; They possess certain original elements and perform the same functions.

iphone batteries

Therefore, when having a new battery that has just been purchased, it is important to take into account the following points to know if your battery is original or a replica.

Check the characteristics of your battery on your device

The operating system that iPhone devices have known as iOS have specific functions for all its original components.

In the case of batteries, the device through the system settings and equipment information menu is capable of displaying the information about battery status and the levels that this same counts, which it will not be possible to see If you have a generic or replica battery, keep in mind that you must also have your device updated to the latest version of iOS to have access to this data.

Verify that your design is correct

To know this you must take into account that the battery design is the same as an original, and also check that it is the correct battery for your iPhone model, in case you have questions about the battery of your iPhone you can visit their help support on the official Apple website.