How to quote messages on Instagram and reply to a specific DM on iPhone and Android

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When you start a conversation about some instant messaging it is always good to learn new tricks to improve your user experience and that in turn can help you have a more fluid and dynamic conversation.

The social network Instagram It is one of the most used to chat, which has increased its popularity considerably, and one of the main reasons is because you can do it without adding or following the person with whom you want to establish the conversation, only knowing their username , maintaining more privacy to personal data (Telephone Number, Email).

In addition, with each update, Instagram adds new ways to evolve its interface, going from only being used as a medium for photographs to being a very complete messaging. And one of its modernization is the fact that you can quote messages on Instagram from iPhone or Android

Quote a specific message in the Instagram mobile app: Option 1

When a conversation is very fluid it happens that sometimes we cannot follow the sequence with which the other person answers and it may be that when we answer some topic within the conversation and the other person does not know what you are talking about or what exact message you answered especially in groups. That is why it is good to learn to be able quote a specific message in the Instagram mobile app so as not to get lost in the topic of the talk.

It does not matter if you are an Android or IOS user, the steps are the same, since the application has the same design for both operating systems.

Latest version

First of all you must be sure that you have installed the latest version of Instagram on your mobile, since this update was launched since 2020 you should already have it on your mobile, however, we will teach you how to update it in the fastest way depending on the software you use.

  1. For Android users:
  • Open Play Store and in the magnifying glass write “Instagram” and verify that you have one update available and select the “Update” button

Note: if the update does not appear, it is because your system is probably already updated to the most recent version for your device or you may have other errors.

  1. For IOS users:
  • Access the App Store and in the search engine type “Instagram” and verify that there is one update available and select “Update”

Enter the conversation

Once you have the updated app With the upgrade available, go to Instagram and go to Direct located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the conversation you want to answer.

Swipe left on specific message

When you are located in the chat and in the specific message that you want to respond, if it is a message written by you previously you will only have to slide the message bubble to the left.

If, on the contrary, it is a message from the other participant, slide the message bubble to the right and automatically an attached box is created at the top of the block to write messages, as shown in the image.

quote posts on Instagram

How to reply directly to an Instagram DM: Option 2

If you still can’t quote a specific message, we will teach you another option a little more methodical with which you can do it without any loss.

Select conversation

Similarly open the “Direct” and select the conversation in which you want to reply to a message

Press the message and choose ‘Reply’

Now go to the message you want to quote and press your finger on it.

Instantly a menu will appear on the message with the option to “reply”, select it and a box will appear above the text box for you to reply.

quote posts on Instagram

Reply to a direct message on Instagram Web

The social network is available for desktop, for those people who use the computer more frequently than the mobile device for work reasons or for those who do not have a phone directly, connect from there and chat on Instagram, so you can also quote posts on Instagram straight into the conversation.

Log in to your browser

Start by entering Instagram Web to log in from there with your username and password.

Enter the messages section

Find the inbox section at the top right of the screen and then select the conversation.

Move the cursor to the message and click on the ‘Reply’ icon

In order to reply messageYou only have to position the indicator on the message you want to quote and the menu will automatically appear in which you must select the option to “reply”

It should be noted that if you are going to quote posts on Instagram It only works with text, voice messages, publications, and images sent, for shared stories the function is not available.