How to Reduce or Modify the Size of Photos or Images on my Android

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Android phones have completely changed the way we communicate. This is important because many people saw the need to be able to communicate immediately with their colleagues or friends, and thanks to the telephones this it is more possible than ever.

One thing that characterizes them is that you always have to take care of the amount of space they have. Usually, people regulate this storage space by deleting unnecessary photos and files. However, there is another group of people who instead of deleting them, what they do is learn to compress the photos so that they take up less space on the device. Here we are going to show you how can you do it.

What is compressing a photo and what does it do?

When you have a large amount of space occupied either by photos or videos, you will realize that they occupy a space that is proportional to the quality of the photo. It is very clear, the higher the quality of the photo, more space will occupy in our virtual storage.

If you are interested in the digital environment and its representations, you will know that there are storage space measures, among which we get both Megabites and Gigabites. All your photos are on Megabite, yet many people always wish know how much space a series of photos occupy which are marked with Megabites. For this, many users recommend that you know how to convert from Megabits to Gigabites.

It is established that each Megabite is equivalent to one million bits, which in turn equal 1024 kilobits. All the information measures are equivalent to 1024 units of the previous mark, since there are kilobits, megabits, gigabites and other measures.

Usually, the phones we have will always have a capacity that will not be able to exceed 124 Gigabits of storage, even so, there are phones like the iPhone, whose storage can easily exceed 200 Gigabites.

When you compress a photo, You take the quality of this and lower itHowever, this allows the photo to remain of comparable quality to the original, but to take up less space. This is very important if you want to have very large galleries on your phone and you don’t want to lose a lot of quality by cutting them down.

How do you reduce the size of a photo on Android?

In order to do this, we recommend that you install a specific app which is the Photo Compress & Resize app, developed by the Lit Photo company. In this you will have several modification parameters to your photos that will allow their compression. Its design is modern and intuitive, so achieving compression of images it’s not a problem. If you wish, you can download this app through its publication in the Google Playstore.

It is important that after compressing, many people use programs that allow them to modify other parameters of the photos, such as colors and focus, for example. Thanks to this, many people say that photos can be edited on Android like a proAs long as you have the best photo editing program on Android.

To be able to use Photo Compress & Resize, you will have to open the app and assign the access permissions to your local memory, so that this program can extract the photos from your memory and later put them to compress in the App. In these accounts with a number of compression options, such as lossy pixel compression or based on loss of quality percentage. It is important that you know that these photos can be automatically forwarded with this app to various other social networks.

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What other ways do I have to compress photos On Line?

In case you don’t want to download an App, you can always do this through a quick Google search. To do this, we recommend that you google “Best photo compressor” and you will have an answer quickly. However, here we recommend that you use This website is free and it even allows you to create an account.

In contrast to its competitors, the service will never ask you for money for what it does. Likewise, its use is very intuitive. To use it you just have to put your files on the website and give compress, and it will automatically do everything you need quickly.