How to Remove Camera Sound on a Samsung Galaxy A | See How It’s Done

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All smart phones currently have cameras that will make take photos like a pro, that is for sure, because their cameras have specific characteristics that will allow you to take a photo of excellent quality like a professional.

Apart from these characteristics, these cameras have a great variety of functions and tools that will make the process a little easier when taking a photograph, but what happens if what I want is eliminate annoying sound What is played from the camera when taking a photo?

Answering the previous question, we want to tell you that it is a completely possible process, since our Samsung Galaxy A cell phones, as well as other cell phones with Android systems allow us to do it. Today here in look how it is done, we will explain how to do it.

Why would I remove the sound from my camera?

That varies depending on each person and their tastes, as there are people who love the sounds of their cell phone, and those who prefer to have it in complete silence (I am one of them).

In addition, it is perfect for occasions when you want to take a photo, without anyone taking you into account. Think of it as some kind of modern spy Do not you believe it? Just remember that you must turn off the flash.

Another very simple reason is not wanting to disturb or interrupt anyone, such as when you are in a library and you want to take photos or notes of your homework, but you do not want the annoying sound of your cell phone. interrupt others.

Activate or deactivate the shutter sounds of a Samsung Galaxy A mobile

The sound of the camera usually appears just after pressing the button to take the photo, this in some Android cell phones it is possible to silence the camera or eliminate the sound, but currently the Samsung Galaxy A smartphones they do not have this specific function, so you must use the system options.

  1. The first thing you should do after unlocking your cell phone is to go to the central applications panel of this and select the application with the name “settings” which is installed by default on your cell phone.
  2. Once inside this application, you just have to slide all the options down until you find the one called “sounds and vibration”. You must press on it.
  3. Already in it you must look for the option called “volume” and press on it.
  4. Immediately a small window will open where the cell phone volume bars are reflected,
  5. Just swipe you to the left, until change has been to “vibrate” or state of complete silence.
  6. Once this is finished, you just have to exit the settings application and enter your camera application, press on it.
  7. When you open the camera, you will be able to take photos without the need to listen to the annoying sound.

In case you want to have sound on your cell phone again, just follow the same steps above, only in step number 5 you must slide the bar to the right so that the volume returns to its normal state.

How to change the sound of the camera of a Samsung Galaxy

When we take a photo with our mobile device, we can notice the sound that is played after pressing the capture button, for some it is usually annoying, and perhaps you wonder if it is possible to change the sound we hear for a more pleasant one.

woman performing silence

It is really not possible to select a different sound for our camera captures, what we can do is silence it. Although you must bear in mind that in the latest Samsung equipment it is not possible to directly silence the sound of our camera unless you completely silence the system, to achieve these you must:

Enter the settings of your device, press on sounds and vibration, select volume and swipe left to silence the phone completely.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this method

The main advantage as it says above is based on being able to take any photograph anywhere, without the need for your cell phone to emit any sound, going so unnoticed among all.

The main disadvantage is that if you do not like to keep all your notifications from any application in silence, this method will annoy you a bit, because when you lower the volume of the system, will affect immediately to the volume of incoming call and message notifications.

Is there any other alternative?

Yes, there are applications whose main purpose is this and if you are a person who does not mind having a certain amount of applications on your cell phone, this option is also a very good idea.

The applications that are most used for these cases are the following, Open Camera Y TaskerSurely there are a few applications, but these two are the most popular so far.

Of course, this is a quite valid option because today’s cell phones have a large storage capacity, so you will not be forced to free up memory space on your cell phone.