How to Send Animated Messages with Effects and Backgrounds in iMessage From My iPhone

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Do you want to send a message with an original touch? Imagine sending a happy birthday to your best friend, but instead of just writing it, in iMessage you can send animations of fireworks balloons and, if that were not enough, you can make your own Memoji wishing him a happy birthday.

Read on to learn how to do all these animations and give them to your messages a touch of fun for those special days with your friends.

Send message with backgrounds and animated effects in iMessage from iPhone

  1. Enter iMessage and write your message
  2. Before sending, press and hold the blue button shipping and you will see how the options offered by iMessage will appear
  3. Each of these will do a different effect.
  4. You can try, for example, “Send with confetti” and the entire screen will be filled with colorful confetti animation.
  5. Then press the send button and your message will be ready

That easy you can send animated messages, but what about the funds? You just have to enter iMessage and press and hold the blue send button, the options mentioned above will appear, at the top of your screen you just have to change to “backgrounds” and it will show you a list options for the different effects available.

These effects are very striking, But don’t just know how to send animated messages. As we mentioned at the beginning, we will also teach you how to make your own Memoji in iMessage with your iPhone.

How to make a Memoji in iMessage with my iPhone

  1. Enter iMessage and press the option to compose a message
  2. Press the “Memojis” button that has the face of a doll, is in the list of functionalities
  3. After pressing this button, slide to the right and press the button with a plus sign “+” that is to create a new Memoji.
  4. Later on your screen the Memoji will appear and below this the different features that you can add
  5. You can change the color of skin, hair, eyes, put accessories such as glasses, facial hair or something else. There are many options you can choose from, just let your imagination fly.
  6. Now to make it animated, write a message and then press the “Memojis” button that we mentioned earlier.
  7. The one you just created will appear on the right side of your screen you will see a red dot that is to record, what it does is turn on your front camera to scan and record your easy expressions and place it on the Memoji
  8. Press and hold this red dot to record. You can smile or make any face, the recording will only let you record 30 seconds.
  9. Just press “OK” and you will already have your animated Memoji. The next thing is to click the blue send message button and you will make someone’s day.

You should know that these effects are only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devicesAlso, there is more on the iPhone than just creating animations per message. Read on for some tips to get more out of your iPhone device.

Tricks you should know about your iPhone

IPhone to iPhone messages are free

Did you notice that from time to time the blue arrow to send messages turns green? This happens when you are sending messages to a device that is not iPhone, it is important to take it into account, since when it is in that color it means that the messages you send they will have a cost in your mobile service plan, but when it is in blue it means that the messages will be free, since they are from iPhone to iPhone.

digital effect touch iphone

Send voice notes

In iMessage you can record voice notes Without having to press the record button! Just enter a chat and stick the mobile to your ear, wait a few seconds and the voice note will be enabled, to finish recording just take the mobile off your ear and press send.

Digital Touch

This is a function that allows you to record a video and while you are recording draw on it. Go to a chat and in the list of functionalities where you found the Memojis, look for the icon of a heart with a black background, it only remains for you to try the colors and effects that you can add to your video.