How to Set a Custom Ringtone or Message – Android or iOS

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When buying an Android phone whatever the brand and model, we can notice that it brings some default sounds that can be used to activate notifications such as text messages (sms), social networks, alarms, phone calls, etc …

Many people prefer to skip these already installed shades and decide which is better. make a customization to these sounds, so that it is easier to recognize the type of notification that has reached our device and it is even possible to differentiate between messages or calls from one or another person from whom we receive constant notifications and from the applications themselves.

Therefore, we bring you a simple and very practical way It will be of great help to personalize these tones and not only use the ones that the system itself brings, but instead it is a matter of placing current themes such as songs or also other tones that we can find on the web.

Change the ringtone for messages and calls on your device

On Android, you must go to the ‘Settings’ section, then locate the ‘Sounds and vibration’ option where you can change the default tones and vibrations, configure each option to your liking.

For iOS you must go to the ‘Settings’ application and then go to the ‘Sounds and vibrations’ section. You will see all the options related to sound and vibration notifications, configure to your liking.

Depending on the mobile you have, the process that we will show you may vary a bit, but in general terms it is very similar. Learn how to set a ringtone or message on both Android and iOS.

On Android

It all depends on the Android phone you have, but the process should be similar. First, open the ‘Contacts’ application and search for the specific contact you want. Click on the ‘Edit’ section, scroll down to the ‘See more’ section and locate ‘Ringtone’ which is where you can do the specific pitch change for that contact.

On iOS

On iOS, you must go to the ‘Contacts’ App and look for the person on whom you will change the tone. You will see the option ‘Edit’, click on it to continue, finally the section ‘Assign a ringtone to this contact’ is displayed and put the tone you want. Keep in mind that you can carry out the process for both the ringtone and the messages.

download music to your cell phone

How to download an MP3 music file

It really is an easy and time-consuming job that takes download a song from the internet In our android device, however, at present it can be a bit tedious since we do not know how reliable it is to download from any page.

But if you want to do it in a practical way and without running any risk, we recommend the following applications: the first is YouTube Go, this is used to make downloads totally free, quickly and reliably. The second option is using SpotifyThis is a paid app but it is equally safe.

How to set custom alarm tone

If you are tired of hearing the same default tone all the time when you wake up and you think it is time to change it to a more comfortable and pleasant one, this is where you We will teach you how to customize your alarm and in this way you can wake up on the right foot and start your day. In addition to the music that is on your device, they can include some from YouTube easily

  1. You must enter the clock app of your android, then go to the alarm
  2. find where the menu appears (three dots in the upper right corner)
  3. Once there, click on the sound or tone
  4. You select the option that says “another tone; or, insert new tone”
  5. Here you just have to search your storage for the song you like and finally save it

How to set custom notification tone

When you want to customize the notifications of your loved ones (family, partner, friends, neighbors, etc …) You must comply with the instructions that will be given below, so that in this way you can differentiate the messages that reach your android in a very easy way and that you know exactly who each notification is from

To perform this action in cell phone calls do the following

  • You enter the settings of your cell phone
  • Then you look where it says sound
  • Once inside, press on the telephone tone
  • There you will see the available themes and you can add the ones you want
  • You select the tone of preference in your storage
  • You give in save and ready

To customize notifications

There is the possibility that not all apps allow this customization to be carried out, however we will explain in a brief way how you can do it and verify in which ones it is, for example the case of Skype, and which of the applications it is not possible to do. On the other hand, some apps only allow you to set your own tones, that is, they do not support new themes. But find out for yourself and learn!

  • You must go to Application Settings
  • Look for the notification tones section
  • If you see the option to add new topic, you do it by selecting from your storage
  • Last primes to save

If this option does not appear, it is because the app does not support new themes outside the defaults that she brings herself, so the only thing you can do would be just change the shade that you like the most.

notification ringtone for android

Can other apps be used to make these changes?

If possible and also simple to be able to change the alarm and notification tones from other means or applications that many users frequent and are simple to use such as: Zedge, audiko and MTP.

With the previous methods you will be able to enter your contacts and change their ringtone or messages. Also from the contact settings you can change aspects such as the way the mobile vibrates. Keep in mind that modern devices allow you to create custom tones, take advantage of this option that we have previously discussed.

Learn to modify the tone to the rest of the applications

Other communication applications have their own configuration system. A clear example is WhatsApp, because through the notification options you can change the tone of the mobile and other related aspects. This is also valid for other apps such as Messenger, Telegram, etc.