How to Set iPhone Camera Resolution

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There are several aspects that we must consider when buying a smartphone, and one of the most important is the camera. If you have an iPhone and you want it to have a true quality camera, no problem, because right here we explain how to change iPhone camera resolution easily and quickly.

Next, we will show you how you can improve your cell phone camera and how to make it much easier to set up. This will prevent your photos from looking blurry or half gray. In this way, we assure you that you will be able to get the most out of it and take the best pictures.

How to change the camera resolution of your iPhone?

There is no doubt that anyone who has a smartphone today is interested in the quality of your camera. And it is that the camera of a cell phone is really important to be able to use it fully.

Whether for somewhat serious tasks or simply to entertain ourselves, these new cameras facilitate in a big way taking professional photos of people, a job that was almost impossible for the average person years ago.

That is why knowing how to change the resolution of the camera on our iPhone can be of great help to everyone, in addition to greatly improving the quality of the photos we take in our daily lives. Now, we will show you the simple steps you can follow to achieve it.

What steps to follow to configure the resolution of your iPhone’s camera?

Although at first it may sound somewhat difficult to change the resolution of the camera of an iPhone, it is actually much simpler than you think. The steps you have to follow to achieve this are:

  • Turn on your iPhone and go to the configuration of the same.
  • Enter the section “Photos and camera“.
  • Select the “Camera” option to view all the options you have.
  • Press “Record video” to configure this option.
  • There, choose the resolution with which do you want to record the videos.
  • Choose the resolution that suits you best depending on the version of your iPhone.

Clever! That’s all you have to do to change your iPhone camera resolution. In this way, you can get much better results when using the camera on your iPhone, recording like a pro.

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Also, you will be happy to know that this configuration can also be done on any iPad, so you can also take great photos from yours. You can also configure the slow motion of your iPhone from that section of the configuration; so you can improve every detail of your cell phone camera.

It should be noted that you can rule out a technician problem presenting your camera. Like, for example, fixing the defect that the camera shakes when you take photos. Something that will obviously affect the taking of the photo.

How to change the resolution of photos on my iPhone?

For this iPhone cameras They have an option called “Grid” which we will have to activate in this way, we will start by going to the settings, and inside look for the option “Photos and Camera”. Then look for the option “Camera” and search “Grid”, activate it and you’re done. This option will help you a lot when taking photos or videos.

In what other ways can you improve your iPhone’s camera?

There is more than one way improve quality from the camera of our iPhone, and many of them are very simple to do. Now we will show you what other ways you can get a lot more out of your iPhone camera. For example, one thing you can do to make the process of taking photos much easier is to set or keep the camera settings that you have established.

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If every time you leave and enter the camera it bothers you to reset the predetermined values Instead of keeping your settings, the following procedure is for you. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone and then to the section of “Camera”.
  • Press “Keep settings”.
  • Once there, you can activate the option to keep the settings you have made in the camera, avoiding having to fix them every time you go to record or take a photo.

Sure, although all these steps will help in a great way to configure the camera of your iPhone, we also encourage you to visit the Apple Support page to adjust iPhone camera. We hope that all this information can be useful to you and that you will be able to use the camera with the best possible resolution quickly and easily.

What settings can I change on my iPhone camera for best results?

When we have an iOS device we have to know all its capacity to take advantage of it in the correct way, such as how to take photos with these devices and how to adjust the camera to get the best resultsI’ll show you some settings that you can change to get these results.

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Prioritize speed over quality when taking photos

A camera option for iOS devices is “Prioritize speed over quality when taking photos”, found in Settings / Camera and in the section (Capture photos), this tool has the function of increasing the quality of the photos when they are taken one by one in a row.

Note that iOS cameras also have the function of “Bursts” but this diminishes the quality for the speed.

Scene detection

Today there are many advanced iPhone features that bring their cameras to improve the photos, this “Scene Detection” function allows you to identify the photo that is being taken and highlights the best qualities with a tailor-made look.

To access this tool that is enabled by default, We will go to Configuration / Camera / Deactivate or activate, the option or function (Detection of scenes).

Lens correction

This function adjusts the photos you take with the front camera so that they look more natural. This function is activated by default on iPhone devicesTo deactivate it, you can go to Settings / Camera / Deactivate or activate this function.

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See the area outside the frame

The (View Out of Frame) feature allows you to preview what another of your built-in lenses may be capturing with more viewing from other angles.

This configuration, like the previous ones, is predetermined in the device and we can deactivate it in the same way as the previous functions, we go to Configuration / Camera / Disabled or you activate the function “See out of the box” and ready.

Way to modify the resolution when recording videos

IPhone devices have a series of settings that allow you to easily and very efficiently have better resolutions when recording videos, these settings can be found in Settings / Photos / Camera and select the “Record video” option. Already you can modify the resolution you want in your videos.