How to Take Photos without Touching the Screen on iPhone Using Voice Control Commands

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Without a doubt, one of the best-known smartphone brands today is Apple with its great diversity of electronic devices, such as the Macbook, the iPad, Apple watch and the iPhone, which since the launch of its first version were able to attract the attention of a large number of people, and that with the passage of time they have managed to perfect each characteristic of the same device.

Manzana has achieved upgrade your iPhone device adding more complements that make its functionality more and more optimal, in order to satisfy the needs of its users.

Likewise, the company was able to create devices capable of working with the iPhone, of the best known we can find its own smart watch, the Apple watch which you can easily synchronize with your phone and download the applications of your choice ..

What new features do iPhone devices have?

With the new versions of the iOS operating system on your iPhone device you will be able to perform various functions, that you may not know despite having used this brand of phones for so long, among some secret functions that the iPhone has are the following:

You can send your location easily and quickly through text messages

This option is possible through the messaging application found internally in Apple known as iMessage previously, it is able to facilitate communication between people by adding quick texts with the help of contextual information integrated into the program.

In this way you will be able to indicate your current location just typing the word “I’m at” and selecting the current location found at the bottom of the text.

Hide the photos from your reel

Often times it happens that uncomfortable moment in which we leave the phone to an external person to show them a photo, but we want to avoid at any cost that they see the photos that are found minimized on the photo rollFortunately, Apple offers a function in our phone to be able to hide these photos so that they do not appear with the naked eye on the reel.

To be able to apply this function you will simply have to access the photo you want to hide and select the hide option found in the share button at the bottom, after having hidden it if you want to access it again you will have to go to the end of your gallery in the albums section the option to “Hidden photos”

Share the key of a Wi-Fi network in an easier way

The fact of having to share a Wifi key It can be a very tedious task when we do not know it or when it is a password that is too long, the good thing is that on your iPhone device you will no longer have to go through these inconveniences, since you can share this password through the device’s app known as AirDrop, which before using keep in mind that you must have your iPhone updated to the latest version of iOS

Locate your device with Siri

You will be able to locate any Apple device that has with the same account ID registeredBe it your phone, your iPad, and even your AirDots, all this simply by activating the Siri system and asking you about the location of the device, for example Siri Where is my phone?

iphone phone

Although there are other hidden functions in the iPhone, one of the ones that has most attracted the attention of users of Apple devices is the function that allows the user to take photos without touching the screen of the device, simply by using the voice commands.

How to take photos without touching the screen on iPhone using voice control commands

  1. Enter the phone settings and activate the option to voice control that you can find in accessibility
  2. Within this menu select the option customize commands and after that in creating commands
  3. Write the keyword that you will use when you want to take the photo
  4. In the option of “action” choose to press the lower center button to take the photo
  5. Save all changes before exiting
  6. Y clever!