How to Transfer Files from your Samsung Cell Phone to your PC with and without Cables Easy

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Connect a Samsung mobile to a computer, it can be a fairly simple task, without major problems. Smartphones are one of the best tools that exist and, they lead the first link of the most used technology worldwide, after them come computer equipment such as: desktop computers or laptops.

Synchronization, or data exchange between electronic devices has existed since the technological evolution began, since the need to share data was seen, so that these were protagonists of a ‘Technological Feedback’, to achieve the desired objectives and, in a certain way, further expand communication.

How to connect my Samsung mobile to the PC to transfer data?

To connect a Samsung mobile phone to a computer, you only have to know a little about the two devices that are going to be the protagonists of this action, for this, you must choose how you want to connect them, yes via USB cable or wirelessly.

By USB cable

To share information from your cell phone to your PC through a USB cable, you must know what type of function you want your phone to fulfill, because there are three modes that will allow you to transfer information, which will be explained later, is important to make sure that both devices are protected and clean from possible viruses that could exist in these. It is said that the transmission of data under a wired network is usually slower, but at the same time more secure because there are usually no deviations in the exchange channels.

Use Bluetooth

The bluetooth It is a type of wireless network that allows communication and data transmission of two devices that contain the same functionality or option, this network allows data sharing as long as the devices are “related” and are at a certain distance, otherwise the functionality of this option can be developed in a very precarious way.

Telegram or WhatsApp Web

These are applications that are supported under the functionality of the internet network, They allow you to share all kinds of data or information that meet certain requirements to be able to keep in the cloud, these are one of the most optimal options that we could take into account, because the proximity of the devices to share the information does not matter, and thanks to the cloud, after it is deleted from the device, if this information was stored in the cloud, (emails, backups, among other possibilities) could be recovered without any problem.

If I connect via USB, what is each connection mode for?

Data transfer via USB It is one of the most used options today, below we will briefly explain the function of each of its modes.

Transfer files

This option is for share all kinds of documents, data or information that is stored in the phone memory, no matter what type of file it is, that is to say that basically the storage memory of the cell phone would fulfill the function of a pendrive.

Transfer only images

This option only allows you to share those documents compatible with image formats, as jpg or png. Providing a fast, comfortable and safe solution to share multimedia files that are inside the mobile device.


This option Allows your mobile device to function as a camera that can be monitored on the PC while connected by USB cable, this option in most devices must be chosen before connecting it to a computer, in order to perform the permissions it requires to function optimally.

Learn how to use the official Samsung application to transfer data from your mobile to your PC

connect my samsung to pc to transfer data

This is an application that does like bridge that allows two-way information sharing between mobile and PC, But not only does it allow this, but it also allows you to manage everything related to your mobile phone from the PC.

It is recommended to do it wirelessly, as the ‘PC’ may not recognize the device via USB cable. You can download and use the application ‘Syde Sync’ on your ‘Android’ phone and on your computer to control the mobile from the ‘PC’ and, most importantly, share information.

Once the program is downloaded on both devices, open the application on the phone, and accept all the permissions it requests, leave ‘the App’ open. Later open the ‘Syde Sync’ program on the computer, select the option ‘Start’ and the name of each device will appear, choose ‘Connect’ and that’s it.

You must bear in mind that both teams must use the same WIFI. One aspect to highlight is that the mobile screen will be projected on the computer and, from there you can drag the files you want to exchange. You can drag them from the computer to mobile or from mobile to ‘PC’.

Other options to link my mobile to my PC

exist many ways to link a mobile to a PC, but one of the best known is:


It is another tool that has been developed in order to manage your mobile from a PC or also from a tablet, in order to facilitate the exchange of information and data in a truthful and direct way. What this app does is a “bridge” between your Samsung mobile and your PC so that you can exchange almost any content you have on your mobile through this application.

How to prevent my Samsung phone and computer from getting virus?

computer virus

Connecting a Samsung mobile phone to a computer, to share data, is an action that can cause not very positive consequences. The file sharing on devices it can bring very positive advantages or very negative disadvantages.

If you want to connect an Android or iOS phone to Windows or MAC, you must make sure that they do not contain viruses in the information you want to share. For this you must have an antivirus downloaded both on your computer and on your mobile.

To connect a Samsung mobile to a computer, to analyze it, you can go to the official page of any antivirus. It is recommended to use the ‘Avast Free Antivirus’To do this, go to its official page, download and install it, then open it and select ‘Protection’, ‘Virus Scan’ and the types of scans will be displayed such as: ‘Smart Scan’ or ‘Full Virus Scan’, choose one.

Then, download an antivirus on your Android to counteract them, for this go to ‘Google Play’ and type in the search engine ‘Antivirus’. A list will be displayed, it is recommended to download and install ‘Avast’, then open the application and select the option ‘Analyze my device’, wait a bit and that’s it.

How to charge a Samsung phone with a computer?

Yes connect a Samsung mobile to a computer It seemed like a simple task and you also lost the regulator, you can try to shit your phone from a computer. Although precisely, this is not going to load with the same speed as it does with your original regulator, but, it can get you out of trouble.

samsung mobile to transfer data to pc

To charge a phone Samsung from a ‘PC’, you must follow a few simple steps, because you do not want to let your mobile reach very low battery levels. Now, with your ‘USB’ cable, connect one end to your mobile and the other to the computer.

On some Samsung devices, charging will start immediately, on others a notification will be displayed asking what action you want to do, yes ‘Transfer Files’ or ‘Only Upload’Then obviously you must select the option ‘Only Upload’, and voila, you just have to wait for the upload to complete.

Undoubtedly, this action is emergency, since the ‘Cajoncito’ or regulator of our telephone It is always subject to loss, or it can even be damaged, but if you have the ‘USB’ cable at hand, you can use the option previously described. Obviously the charging of the phone will not be as fast as usual.