How to Turn Weather Alerts On and Off – iPhone and iPad

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If you have an iPhone or iPad you may have noticed that they make loud noises or vibrate without interruption, if this has happened to you it is because you have received a notification or alert that can save your life, these phones receive alerts from government officials, security agency, meteorological service and even national security, depending on the country.

These alerts for many can be a bit annoying and for others very important, because there are lives at stake. Whatever your position, here we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of these alerts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having active weather alerts?

In recent days, we have noticed that more natural disasters occur in all parts of the world. There are even applications to detect earthquakes in real time, which can be very helpful as well as weather alerts. These could help us take precautionsWhen the weather service receives sufficient information that a storm, hail, snow, or strong winds is coming, a weather alert is issued. If we have them active there are many advantages that we can have.

The main advantage is that these alerts are made with the objective of preserve people’s lives, so if you have them active you will have enough time to prepare, find your emergency bag and even be able to help others save their lives.

It helps you to know what the weather will be like, in case of having any planting you can take the necessary measures to protect it. Remember that when it comes to your safety and that of your family, you should never skimp on effort. In case something so serious does not happen, better safe than sorry.

As for the disadvantages of having weather alerts active, they are the noises produced by the phone upon receiving these alerts.

How can we disable severe weather alerts?

Remember that alerts can save your life, but if you want to know how severe weather conditions are disabled, here I show you how. These alerts are active by default. If you want to disable them, you just have to do the following:

  • First, you must go to setting, look in settings for the option Notifications. Then, you must go to the bottom of the screen.
  • You will see the Government Alerts option and disable the type of alert. Keep in mind that there are countries where it is not possible to disable alerts.

how to disable or enable weather alerts on iphone

How can I turn the weather alerts back on on my iPhone and iPad?

In case you have changed your mind and want to reactivate the weather alerts on iPhone and iPad, you must follow the same steps.

  • Go to setting, look in the settings for the Notifications option. Go to the bottom of the screen. You will see the Government Alerts option and activate the type of alert.

You can activate government alerts on devices that have a SIM card from a compatible line. AND you can also receive them on the Apple Watch only if: you receive them on the iPhone and if it is at a considerable distance or if Apple Watch is connected to Wifi.

What is the best way I can turn off all notifications on my iPhone?

Notifications help us to be up to date, but there are times that do the opposite, they deconcentrate us, they can even become a bit annoying, to the point of having to delete the notifications. Managing notifications well is essential to keep them at bay, let’s see what is the best way you can disable all notifications on iPhone.

Mute the mobile

With option Do not bother You will be silencing the mobile, in such a way that the notifications will arrive, but they will not emit sound and will not cause an effect on the screen. To find this option you will see it in the shape of a half moon, you can search for it by sliding up the bottom of the screen. The other way to find it is in settings, there you will see the icon of the crescent or Do Not Disturb and from here you can program how long you want it to be in that condition.

Airplane mode

The airplane mode is another option to deactivate all notifications on the iPhone and it is easy to find you just have to go to settings and press the icon of an airplane, you can also activate them by moving it up, from the bottom of the screen and Ready.