How to Update iPhone Firmware or Software [Solución paso a paso]

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The firmware is the internal software that makes our devices work, such as the iPhone, currently Apple launches firmware updates, which you can obtain in a very simple way, which is why it is necessary to ask how change or update the firmware of an iPhone modem? This is important, since this is the one that controls your cell phone.

It is necessary to update the firmware of your phone, because this will allow it to improve its development. It is believed that this process can be very complicated, but it really is not. Below we will indicate all the steps you must continue to be able to change the Firmware of your iPhone.

What happens when I update my iPhone software?

Regardless of the version of iOS that our device has, when we talk about updates most of the time they bring improvements that make the user experience more rewarding.

In general, what happens when we update our iPhone is the appearance of news, such as the Siri assistant, new transition animations, camera improvements, new effects such as slow motion videos, among other interface improvements that are essential for many users today.

In addition, each update takes care of fix bugs in previous versions, which generally caused the device to be slow, have coverage failures or reduced battery life.

It is very important to note that keeping our equipment updated will allow us to continue using certain applications from third parties that over time also introduce improvements that may become incompatible with the old versions of iOS.

Recommendations before updating

Essentially, performing an update is a really good process for your cell phone, since it improves its performance; But before doing so, you must take several things into account. This process will make your cell phone completely empty, all your photos and files will be deleted, so that this does not happen, make a backup or backup of all your information.

When connecting your phone to the PC, try to ensure that it has enough battery, avoid doing so if it is discharged. What’s more you need the USB cable to be in good condition.

By last, check that iTunes is updatedIf it is not in the most current version, the procedure may become slow or it cannot be developed at all.

How to update your iPhone iPad or iPod touch software in iTunes

To carry out this process, the first thing you will have to do is check if there is a new version available, now connect your cell phone to the computer, you can do it with the cable that comes with your device. Access Apple’s iTunes iPhone management software.

change update firmware iPhone modem

When entering the program you will have to look for the name of your cell phone and click on it; this is usually found on the left side of the tab, right where it says the word ‘Devices’. Now, press the button that says ‘Check for update’, if there are updates available.

At this time you will have to select the option ‘Download and install’By doing so you will see how all the updates will be downloaded to your cell phone, wait a couple of minutes for it to load correctly. When finished, iTunes will back up your device settings.

Later install the firmware on the cell phoneUpon completion you will see that iTunes syncs your iPhone to the library, at the end of this process you will see that your device will have already been updated.

Connect your Apple to the computer

The first step will be connect device to computer Using your USB cable, you can also use a Wi-Fi connection.

In the iTunes app click on “Summary”

Later we go to the iTunes application on the computer, we are located in the ‘Device’ button (the button that has a small iPhone) that is in the upper left part and we click, immediately We select the option ‘Summary’.

Click on “Check for update”

The next step it is click on ‘Check for Update’ Y lastly, let’s find a new update available and we select ‘update’.

Press update and you’re done.

Must select ‘update’ and automatically our device will download the file. It is important that at the end of the procedure before disconnecting our device we eject the USB.

What happens if I don’t update the software?

By not updating the software on your device, in addition to miss out on the news that the following versions may bring of iOS, over time the experience when manipulating your device may deteriorate, since with the passage of time the old versions are becoming obsolete, without access to applications that constantly add improvements to their platforms.

As you may also notice slow transitions and coverage problems. Ideally, keep your device up to date as much as possible so that you can get the most out of it.

How to restore iPhone firmware?

To reset our iPhone to factory settings using iTunes, we will follow these simple steps: first we will connect the device to the computer, we will also need a Wi-Fi network. Then we let’s go to the iTunes application and click on the ‘Device’ button, look for ‘Summary’ and finally click on ‘Restore’, after this you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

You must bear in mind that when restoring you will lose all the information inside the device, If necessary, try to support it.

update iPhone software

Another way to update an iPhone’s modem firmware

This procedure will allow you fix any problems with the Software. To do this you will have to have iTunes on your PC, then have the operating system of your cell phone downloaded to the computer.

To start, enter iTunes, then turn off your cell phone, now connect the USB cable to your phone, when inserting the cable into your PC, keep the home button on your cell phone pressed; If your iPhone is 7 onwards, you will have to press the volume down button.

Doing this process will allow you put your cell phone in Recovery modeAt the moment of doing so you will see how a new tab appears in iTunes, we will click on the box that says ‘Restore’, when you do you will be able to see how the files on your PC are opened, all you have to do is select the operating system that you had downloaded.

When selecting the file, you will have to press restore again, now you will only have to wait for it to load and it will be completed. You can also use another alternative to update the firmware of your cell phone, to do so go to the ‘’ page When you do, you will see the available versions, select it so that it is downloaded.

When the process has finished, you will have to open it and position yourself on the button that says ‘Update’, press Shift + Update buttons (if you are on a Windows device) or Alt + Update (if you are on a Mac device), this will allow you to open the files to find the version of your cell phone and that’s it.