How to use my Cellphones with TV included?

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Have you heard about Cell Phones with TV included? Surely you had, and it is true, many manufacturers have designed cell phones with television included.

Thanks to the great technological advances that the smartphone industry has had, a large number of functions and tools have been developed so that our devices can perform more tasks. One of the functions that has been incorporated into cell phones has been television, in order to meet the need of various users.

So if you have a smartphone you will be able to use your mobile device to see all the series you want, practically turning it into a television. What’s more, These cell phones with television included will allow you to stay entertained anywhereeven in traffic.

What phones have television included?

The TV function on a mobile device already existed in years pastWell, before smartphones dominated the industry there was a phone that could transmit channels through an antenna, we are talking about star tv i6220 from Samsung.

The star tv i6220 was a phone released in 2009 by the popular company Samsung. Although at that time the first iPhone had already come out, the star tv had a lot to talk about because it had a somewhat simple design, and an antenna able to serve as a recipient of sign to be able to transmit practically the same as a television, but on the mobile device. However, over the years this technology became obsolete as the new devices of both this brand and the others fulfilled many other functions than simply transmitting a signal through an antenna.

How to know if my smartphone has a TV included

Several smartphones have the TV function included. In addition, they have other features, such as a large screen that will allow you to enjoy much more of the extension of your TV anywhere. For that reason, this time we have chosen some of these models for you so that you can take them into account if you are looking for a cell phone with a TV.

Best Models

Moto C plus: This cell phone, in addition to having the option to watch television, has a 5-inch screen and a very powerful and fast-charging battery that will allow you to watch your programs for longer.

Motorola TV: This phone has a 5.9-inch screen, so you can enjoy your favorite series in HD quality.

LG Q6: This smartphone offers great quality at a good price. In addition, like the previous models, it also has a large 5.5 Full HD screen.

Shopping guide

Before buying a new cell phone, it is important read the specs of this to make sure they have a television included. Well, if the cell phone does not have these characteristics, it will not receive the signal, so you will not be able to enjoy television.

In addition, acquiring a cell phone with television included is not usually so expensive, since the TV service is completely free. Therefore, if you want to buy a cell phone with a TV, we recommend that you search the internet, since this way you can choose the best one for you among these models and even with better offers.

How to turn my phone into a TV

Despite some current mobile devices they do not have an antenna, It does not mean that they cannot fulfill the same role as a television. For that reason, below, we will show you how to turn your smartphone into a TV on both Android and iOS.


There are many platforms and web pages that will allow you to watch series and movies from your mobile device, such as Netflix, which in order to use it you will only have to download the application and buy an account on the platform.

However, if what you want is to watch television directly from your device, you will have to buy a digital tv tuner and then connect it to your device, since getting a phone that contains this function in its operating system could be a very difficult task due to the scarcity of these devices.

Digital television tuners are tools or accessories that you can easily get at any electronics store or that sells accessories for phones, once you can buy a TV tuner for your Android phone, follow the steps that we will show you below to start broadcast tv channels from your smartphone:

  1. The first thing you should do is download the application fromPadTV HD on your mobile device, since with it you will be able to transmit television channels when using the TV tuner.
  2. After downloading the applicationconnect the TV tuner to your phone.
  3. Use an adapter in case the tuner does not have an input compatible with the one on your phone.
  4. After connecting the tuner to the phone you will have to open the PadTV HD application.
  5. What remains to be done is to choose the channel you want to watch on your mobile phone.
  6. And ready!You can now use your Android phone as if it were a television, it should be noted that in order to use the TV tuner it will not be necessary to activate your mobile data or be connected to an internet network, since this tool works directly with an antenna.


Like Android devices, you can also enjoy Netflix programming from an iPhone that has an operating system iOS 13.0 onwards. In addition, there are also other platforms, such as Disney Plus, that will allow you to enjoy various programs from your mobile device.

telephone with television

How to see your mobile screen on TV – Main Apps and tips

In addition to being able to enjoy your favorite shows from your cell phone, you also have the option of doubling the screen. This tool is very ideal if you want to watch a program from your television, show a demonstration, photos or play games. There are several ways to do it, and then we will briefly explain some of them.

DLNA: This option will allow you to connect your cell phone to your TV through the Wi-Fi network. To do this, both will have to be connected to the same router, then you will activate the DLNA on your cell phone so that it can recognize the television.

HDMI connector: Another option to connect your mobile device to the TV is with an HDMI cable, by connecting it you can easily duplicate the screen.

Google Chromecast: If you have a Google Chromecast you can connect your cell phone to your TV very easily without having to use annoying cables. Also, these are usually not very expensive.

Apple TV 4K: Like the previous one, this accessory will allow you to connect your iPhone to the TV in a simple way.

In addition, there are several applications that will allow you to easily duplicate the screen and even some Android devices have a function within their operating system, which allow us to control the tv through an application or program installed by default on the device, so that it can serve as a remote control, which could be of great help at the moment when you want to use the TV and do not remember where you have left the remote control of the same.

But that’s not all, there are other means to turn your television into a smart TV, so that you can download and use applications that are normally found on smartphones on your television, and likewise you can watch series movies through various platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney +, Fox apps, among other. One of the most used devices for this is the TV Box which you can connect to any television regardless of whether it is Smart TV or not.