How to view and configure Medical Records on the iPhone Locked Screen in the Health App

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Setting up the medical record on the iPhone screen by the application is something extremely simple and truly useful for daily life, it is one of the benefits that all users of iPhone.

The health app records vital signs, physical activity such as the floors that are climbed, steps that are taken, distance that is traveled and in case of having an Apple Watch configured, the heart rate.

With the iPhone health app, by filling in certain medical data You can view and configure a medical record, in this way in case of accidents, anyone, including hospital staff if necessary, can know this data without having to unlock the mobile device.

Why configure a medical record in the Health App?

Being able to configure a medical record in the Health App is one of the Benefits with which iOS users have in this case of iPhone, in addition to being a benefit that at some point can save the user’s life.

In some emergency situation, be it an accident, robbery, robbery or any other situation where time is an important factor and it is not possible to unlock the iPhone device quickly.

The medical record will allow anyone know all those medical data that may be relevant, in addition to having the option to add contacts to make emergency calls from the iPhone.

How to configure a medical record in the Health App?

To configure the medical record in the Health App, the first thing to do is enter the application, one of the advantages of this application is that it is already integrated into the device, so it is not necessary to download it.

Once inside the application, the option “Create medical file” will appear, you must click on it to be able to activate the same and start your setup.

To start configuring the medical record in the application it will be necessary to fill in a series of medical data, such as date of birth, names, allergies and reactions, medical conditions, physiological traumas and other relevant data.

Another important point to configure in the application are the emergency contacts, for this it will be necessary to slide down and select “Add emergency contact”.

In this step it will be necessary to select those people that you want to add as emergency contacts, it is important to select at least 2 emergency contacts to avoid future drawbacks.

Finally, for the medical record to appear even when the iPhone device is locked, click on the option “Show on screen. lock. “ that is at the top of the Health App.

In case you have made a mistake or want to add new contacts for emergencies, in the lower right corner of the health application you will find the medical record and it will be possible to edit this.

How to see the medical record on the screen of the locked iPhone?

Thanks to the Health application, anyone can see the medical file of the iPhone user, even if the mobile screen is blocked, this is very useful in case of accidents or situations that require it.

person with iphone using the health app

There are 2 ways to view the medical record even if it is not possible to unlock the iPhone device with a password or another code and they are quite simple and accessible for anyone who require to know medical data.

The first way to see the medical file is to turn on the phone and try to unlock its screen, so that when the option to enter the unknown lock code appears, press the button IPhone SOS and then under “Medical data”.

The second way to access the medical file is much simpler, for this you must take the locked phone and press quickly lock button 5 times.

In this way the option will appear of “Medical data” on the screen and you only have to slide on it to be able to quickly access them.