Interview with Emilio Adeva Professional Channel Director at VINZEO

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In this interview we know the opinion of Emilio Adeva, Professional Channel Director at VINZEO. Person with more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics sector, who has also worked in leading sectors such as banking or insurance. All this with responsibilities in many cases of a global nature, serving markets such as the American or Asian. Adeva is one of the pillars of Vinzeo in its day to day, as well as in its long-term strategy, so it is always interesting to know its points of view on the different latent issues in the sector.

First of all, we would like you to define for us what is the role of the channel director in a wholesaler like Vinzeo. Can you give us more specific details?

Emilio Adeva. The role of a channel director is based on the entire distribution channel, which are customers and customer base, we back up an organization, where you have to listen externally to what the market can tell you to improve continuously and also to the internal aspect since the team you lead and its customer inputs are essential to position Vinzeo as the main partner in each of the projects. Businesses are made by people and a motivated team can go anywhere.

If you had to define Vinzeo, how would you do it? What added value does it bring to the distribution?

ED: Our role is not only limited to having stock and serving the machine, on the other hand, today something essential in the periods that we are living. It’s not just about that. It is about the client seeing us as an extension of theirs, as a partner in the strict sense of the word. Have flexibility and credit speed, transfer the best conditions that we have closed with the main manufacturers, advice on the service layer that the products can carry and provide them, speed and quality of the responses from our commercial department.

Esprinet Cental Building

Vinzeo is part of a company, we can say global, that goes beyond our borders. What does belonging to the Esprinet group contribute?

ED: Belonging to the Esprinet group constitutes a message of solvency, stability and quality to the partner. Belonging to the number 1 group in Southern Europe means that every day you have to seek excellence to be the best. Because it is important to arrive but the most difficult thing is to stay and that must be demonstrated every day.

Customer satisfaction is a mantra in the business world, but at Vinzeo they wanted to go a little further with their Customer Satisfaction. When was the initiative born and what differential objectives does it have?

ED: The customer as the reason for everything as I said at the beginning. It’s the key. A year and a half ago, the Group took the initiative to crystallize and capitalize on all customer feedback and take actions accordingly to increase their satisfaction based on these messages. At Vinzeo we internalize the project, creating working groups in all areas of the company and generating improvement projects based on these feedback, the evolution of which is reviewed on a monthly basis based on quantifiable parameters that we set for ourselves, which can prove the improvement. And every year customers examine us again in a survey, checking if all the actions we have taken have contributed to increasing their satisfaction.

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The subject of webminars has taken on a lot of force in these times, what can you tell us about your activity in this regard, the reaction of customers and the advantages it brings to the marketing and final sale of the products?

ED: Above all, the high accessibility in a comfortable way to access information. However, they have to be substantial in content and provide some value that arouses the customer’s curiosity and that can later crystallize in the sale. Right now, and within our VIPVinzeo plan, we are fully immersed in a series of trainings for our partners in relation to the management of Next Generation Funds. We want to become your ally by offering tools that can facilitate access and management of available grants.

We can extend the previous question to VipVizeo. What can you tell us about this new plan that seems to have been successfully received?

ED: Vip Vinzeo is the loyalty program that Vinzeo has developed that has led to high visibility within the channel by making the customer feel special. Webinars as I mentioned before, exclusive promotions, points programs, specific advice. All of this has contributed to its success.

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Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 journey, it is clear that the end of the pandemic will mark the economic and social future. Do you think it can positively affect the distribution?

ED: It is clear that there has been an advance in the business since we have advanced the digital transformation and projects that should have crystallized, although in the short term, in a few years, they have advanced to today. However, the “end” of the pandemic will once again cause people to return to normal and the economy to reactivate, which will be directly developed with the distribution market. If you add to that the capitalized aid from the European funds that are going to come, the outlook is positive.