MediaTek returns to the top position in processor sales

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The market for the production of processors is in a bittersweet moment. Because while sales of these have skyrocketed due to the pandemic, this same event has had a negative influence on production, completely overwhelming it. Something that is leading to an unprecedented shortage of these. A market in which MediaTek is establishing itself as a sales leader.

In recent years Qualcomm It has typically been the leading processor manufacturer on the market, mainly because its products have traditionally been better accepted in Western countries, while MediaTek has always had a lot of weight in Asia. Now Counterpoint has revealed how the processor market is in the first quarter of the year, and there are surprises.

MediaTek leads the first quarter

In the data provided by Counterpoint we can see that the Chinese manufacturer has established itself in the first place among the manufacturers of processors around the world. In this way it not only surpasses Qualcomm, but other giants such as Apple or Samsung. In this first quarter of 2021 we have seen how MediaTek has taken a 37% market share, which represents an increase of 5% year-on-year compared to the same quarter of last year. Qualcomm has once again taken second place, although it has also managed to increase its market share by 3%, somewhat less than in the case of MediaTek.

An increase in sales for MediaTek and Qualcomm that has gone on HiSilicon detriment, the great harmed by Huawei’s problems with the United States veto. The next three manufacturers on the list of those with the largest market share are Apple, with 16%, Samsung with 8% and UNISOC, which has a 6% share. Apple has gained 1%, Samsung has lost three points and UNISOC has gained two points. Therefore, the main changes are due to the weakness of HiSilicon, whose offer has been absorbed more or less proportionally by the rest of the manufacturers.

Qualcomm leads the 5G market

If you look at the sales data of exclusively 5G processors, we can appreciate a great equality between the first three manufacturers. Since the market in the first quarter of 2021 It is led by Qualcomm, with a 30% share, while Apple followed with 29% and MediaTek with 28%. Samsung is further apart with a 10% share.

MediaTek processor sales

In this market, without a doubt, the one that has gained the most share has been MediaTek, which has gone from 15% in 2020 to 28% so far in 2021. And once again HiSilicon is the manufacturer that has yielded the most market, to lose practically all of the 23% quota with which it had.

MediaTek 5G

Counterpoint predicts that in 2021 the 5G processor market will be dominated by Qualcomm, with a share of 30% in this segment. Worse it will not be able to overcome MediaTek in global sales, since an estimated 37% market share in the full balance of 2021. A MediaTek that not only grows due to the weakness of rivals such as HiSilicon, but also because it has a very competitive portfolio of processors that have a better reputation every time.