New Samsung LPDDR5 uMCP memory. RAM and ROM in the same place

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Samsung has officially announced a new memory solution for phones that offers RAM and ROM on the same chipset. The brand has chosen to name this technology as LPDDR5 uMCP, because this module comes with an LPDDR5 type RAM, the fastest on the market and a UMCP ROM based on UFS 3.1.

This dual chipset is aimed at top-of-the-range phones but where it can really be used, to the delight of users, is in the mid-range since these memory modules are expected to offer better performance and efficiency compared to current technology. .

Samsung memories

The great advantage of this system, if we compare it with the current NAND Flash system, is more than evident. Being on the same chip, the performance improves a lot. According to Samsung, RAM can deliver up to 25GB / s and ROM offers up to 3GB / s speed

  • DRAM: From 17GB / s to 25GB / s
  • NAND: From 1.5 GB / s to 3 GB / s.

Compared to current LPDDR4x RAM and UFS 2.1 RAM modules, the Samsung LPDDR5 uMCP offers a performance increase of up to 50 percent. Furthermore, the Samsung LPDDR5 uMCP can offer 6GB to 12GB of RAM, while the storage ranges from 128GB to 512GB.

How does this affect the user?

Although it may not have a direct benefit to the user, this technology will improve the overall user experience when using the phone, depending on Samsung, this chip is much more efficient than the modules alone, which should improve battery life and performance.

Another great advantage is that it allows the development of thinner and lighter phones thanks to the fact that it requires less space inside the phone. The piece measures just 11.5mm x 13mm so brands should be able to make smaller phones without compromising their technology.

Samsung Galaxy F41

The company has already confirmed that it has already tested this module with various smartphone brands and claims that phones with uMCP chipsets will be available in the market from this month. However, it will not be easy for the customer to know if the phone mounts a RAM and a ROM memory individually or if it is using this new technology.

It is possible that the new members of the Galaxy M range, as well as some Xiaomi or OPPO phone will be the first to reach the market with the Samsung LPDDR5 uMCP memory.