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PV Info Features

  1. App description:

    As movie and television fans , we always want to know everything about our favorite directors and characters , as well as the release dates of the series that we have followed for several years. In PV Info , you will have access to the best information in the world of entertainment , in addition to following the career of an actress by consulting the films in which she has worked or if a director plans to release a film this year.

  2. Functions:

    Among the information you can know about movies or series you have their original names in English, years of release, where they were produced , the synopsis and the real name of the main and supporting actors. As you can see, you will become an expert on series like Friends , How I met your mother, Game of Thrones , Vis a Vis, Lucifer and many more.

  3. Activities:

    You can also enjoy totally free content from your Android smartphone; Simply enter the application and you will see all the movies and series organized by categories, being able to select the original language or dubbed into Latin Spanish . Among its most popular content we have the best of Netflix in recent years such as You and La casa de papel, Oscar-winning films such as The Shape of Water and The Revenant, the highest-grossing productions in the style of Avengers and Joker, among thousands of options .

  4. How to use: As soon as you enter the application, a menu with several series and movies will be displayed to play them immediately, being able to read the synopsis and other information of interest while loading the content. You must bear in mind that the speed of your connection will influence the quality of the video , so if you notice that there are many cuts, try to lower the resolution a little.
  5. Languages: Interface in Spanish.
  6. Recommendations: Remember that you can choose between the original language and dubbing into Latin Spanish , as well as activate the subtitles. You can also access a VIP service to eliminate annoying ads and enjoy more benefits such as downloads to watch movies offline .
  7. Recommendations: The application does not have filters for minors, so movies with violence, explicit language and adult scenes are available to anyone. So if you have children who use your smartphone, you may consider blocking this application to prevent them from accessing this content.
  8. Size: 29M
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Developer:

    Malthe PlayDeveloper

  11. Recommended: References to tobacco, drugs and / or criminal activities.
  12. Price details: No in-app purchases available. Free
  13. Installation requirements: A minimum of 29M memory space is required and an Android version 4.1 or higher.

Helpful Tips from PV Info

  1. Discover all the features and benefits that you will enjoy by becoming a premium PV Info user in this video .

Positive Points of PV Info

  1. You can get almost any well-known movie or series in the catalog.
  2. The servers are extremely fast, so if you have a good connection you will load the content in seconds.
  3. It is updated frequently, so if you don’t get a recent episode of a series, try again in a couple of days.

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