Solution to Error ‘Failed to Mount’ (Invalid Argument)

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Today it is common to find a wide range of electronic devices on the market, cell phones are on the rise. These new technologies provide everyone with a variety of free and easy-to-use tools. By being adaptable to the needs of the user, they have become indispensable technologies, used by everyone.

Thanks to these new technologies, which are becoming more innovative every day, we can have a better lifestyle. How they allow maintain communication at a distance, we can be reassured by being away from our loved ones.

It is also of great importance to point out that they have become excellent tools for many areas, especially in health, one of them is for blood pressure. We find Smartphone with a wide variety of free, accessible, modifiable applications, both for health personnel and for patients.

Since applications that allow you to familiarize yourself with a medical specialty center, especially intended for patients with social imbalance. As well as applications that provide therapeutic functions for the needs that the user requires in that case.

This has allowed great progress in medicine and a pleasant, comfortable and safe doctor-patient relationship, it has also provided a solution by helping the diagnosis of many diseases avoiding complications. From the aforementioned we can say then that these technologies have reached the first place in purchases worldwide.

On the other hand, no less interesting, it is of great importance point out the errors that can also occur on these smartphones. For example, error in the configuration of the phone, when opening an application, problems when using Android, among others. These and many other problems can be found in our smartphones and in all kinds of applications.

What is TWRP ‘Failed to mount (invalid argument)’ error?

At some point we have surely had some problem with our Smartphone, this can be uncomfortable if you do not know how to solve it. For this reason, it is important to have detailed knowledge about the possible errors that we can find on our Smartphone.

The TWRP has become the most used recovery of this time, since it offers us various options, for example it allows us to install new ROMs, clean the system, format your mobile, among many others.

This error is due to some junk file on our Smartphone automatically blocks the use of sections. This prevents us from cleaning a file on our Smartphone, as well as the use of other applications makes us uncomfortable.

Given all this, it is nice to know then that you have a solution to this problem easily, simply and within our reach.

What is TWRP on Samsung mobile devices?

The TWRP It is Team Win’s recovery mode project and it offers you what CWM offered but much better, with more options and a much more modern touch interface. With TWRP you can flash files, make and restore backups, delete different partitions, but add more advanced functions such as the possibility of connecting the storage units through OTG, browsing the mobile storage and thus deleting files or using ADB with permissions of Root.

What causes the Failed to mount (invalid argument) error?

This problem is generated when an EFS folder on the system gets corrupted when installing a custom ROOMs and even a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP, if you have installed the recovery or a firmware with files, then it is likely that you will receive the message failed to mount / efs at the moment of starting recovery mode.

error failed mount

What should I do to quickly fix this error?

The first thing you should do is make a backup of all the data on your device, you must have at least 50% battery so that you do not run the risk of it turning off. Download the Odin tool, with this you will be able to flash the firmware of your computer; now download the official firmware of your equipment according to the model number.

Download e install USB drivers from the equipment to your PC, so you can connect the device without risks; then you must open Odin and turn off the computer completely and start in Download Mode or Download Mode, it is something similar to Recovery Mode, when you connect Odin will recognize and display a message that says Added, at that time you must load the files in the buttons in the center, once everything is loaded go to the options section and mark the option F. Reset-Time and Auto-Reboot, then select Start to start the flashing process, now wait for the process to finish and the phone will restart automatically and that’s it.

What should I do to fix TWRP’s ‘Failed to mount (invalid argument)’ error?

The Error ‘Failed to mount (invalid argument)’, has generated controversial for many as it completely halts the development of the TWRP. This can appear when deleting or cleaning some data, due to some junk file that causes it to fail. Here we show you several very easy ways to fix TWRP’s “Failed to mount (invalid argument)” error.

Among the sections of “Wipe” that may appear as “Failed to mount / partition (invalid argument)“Are System, Data and Caché, now to solve the error we will put for example, as if the error were in” Faliled to mount / system (invalid argument) “.

When this error appears on the screen, we must go to “Wipe” and make a clip in the “Avanced Wipe” option. Then we must select the error partition (only one), which in this case we are using “System” as an example.

Then we must go to Go to the option “Repair or Change File System“, And then to” Change File System “, here we choose the option to transform to FAT, and slide the button, then transform to EXT4 and slide again.

So in this way we can eliminate this error but we must do it with each partition that has an argument error, after this, we go back to “Wipe”, we clean the desired section and it will be done successfully without errors.

cell phone formatting

Finally then we can be sure comfortably use these innovative technologies ready for our needs. We also have the assurance of solving problems that may arise free of charge, easily and efficiently.