The Best Apps to Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress

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Mental health is finally gaining the prominence it deserves. Self-well-being should be a priority for everyone and it is essential to know how to contribute.

In this sense, there are a series of applications that will help you control certain things. Do you want to know which with the best Apps to control depression, stress or anxiety? Then do not detach yourself from this article.

Apps to meditate and control your mind

The world has definitely changed. Dealing with the new ‘normal’ has not been easy for many. Those who have been used to the hustle and bustle of the streets now take on the challenges of working from home. Something that was supposed to be easier.

Before knowing the best Apps to control depression, stress or combat anxiety, you must identify the problem. Is it something from home? Personal or work? Sentimental? You must discard each possibility. All these states can even be caused by addiction to social networks. Therefore, the first step is to know the ‘why’ of your stress, depression or anxiety.

Now, if you can’t identify it, you will need a little professional help. Something that these applications can offer you. So, here you have a series of alternatives for you to choose the best one.


This application is for iOS and Android, it has audios in sessions for facilitate sleep through meditations. This app is free, although a percentage of its users pay for exclusive content.


Is a meditation app with more than two hundred exercises different to relax through effective techniques for each moment of the day.


It is an app aimed at teach meditation and relaxation techniques to lower stress levels at any stage of life. Transforming minds and overcoming obstacles is your main goal.


This tool mainly serves as a manager and provider of detailed information about stress and its effects on the body, as well as exercises for strengthen stress management skills through easy exercises.


This app is designed mainly for the lives of quite busy people, helping to reduce work stress through games and techniques based on positive psychology, cognitive behavior and problem solving ability.


It is a very useful app at a technological level, since it offers psychological and therapeutic help online, thus avoiding physical limitations being a problem and obtaining advice without having to leave home.

Stress Doctor

This app is one of the best that fights with the stress and anxiety of everyday life, leading the user to states of relaxation when the nervous system is altered using a self-registration tool.


This startup is set in New York City with the purpose of offering management and online consulting to help the user to deal with any type of problem through professional mental health therapists.


This online platform offers the user information digitally about meditation and mindfulness training. It is available online and also as an app.

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Worry Box

This application is a very good Parent’s Guide Understanding Anxiety Levels and great feelings in their children. Address users’ concerns through cognitive techniques and therapies.


Treat your levels, anxiety, stress or depression through cognitive behavioral therapy. However, it also offers interesting mindful meditation options. Sanvello, in addition, track your mood.

Like Meyo, it offers daily challenges that contribute to your mental stability. Sanvello, is available for free and includes exclusive functions for its Premium version.

Me I

Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, Meyo seems destined to be one of the most important. Meyo has an artificial intelligence really trained to detect your condition.

Also is able to offer you the reasons why you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. In addition, it has games, challenges and videos that will help you in an incredible way.

Worry Watch

This application is visionary as it is essential for the reflection of the perception of what could happen and what actually happened in a particular situation. Thus achieving a better understanding of worry and anxiety behavior patterns.


It is an app to learn to meditate and relax with just a few minutes of daily use. This is especially focused on improving the concentration and productivity of the day through meditation techniques.


Do you want them to listen to your problems and feel the support of someone else? TherapyChat is the ideal platform for this. This application puts at your disposal a good number of psychologists who offer their services online.

Games and exercise apps

These types of apps serve to improve the quality of life physically and mentally to regulate daily levels of stress. Next we will show you the main characteristics of the most used and recognized apps.


It serves to improve and organize positive habits as a priority in our daily lives and consists of adding a new activity for each day as a calendar.


It is an app of management and improvement of a work team. Study the patterns and behaviors of the user in a team to improve the daily attitude in joint activities.

Antistress Relax

It is an app that is used to improve stress levels through online educational games.

My Oasis

It is a useful game for relaxation that consists of taking care of an island in the sky, which must become an oasis or paradise through the interaction of relaxing objects and all their characters.

Splashy Dots

This app offers a dynamic in which we will use painting techniques to achieve daily relaxation, decrease stress levels using colors and appropriate music for a relaxed atmosphere.

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Mental health in times of pandemic

As noted above, mental health has regained importance in recent years. There is still a long way to go, however, there is a great campaign for it. Previously, suffering from stress, depression or anxiety was considered a small thing.

In fact, many came (and still) to consider that this type of situation was just an exaggeration. Fortunately, things have been changing and today it is treated with greater seriousness and professionalism.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the condition of many. Being in a practically mandatory confinement, the levels of anxiety, stress and depression appear more frequently.

Even many of the people who considered they had not suffered from this type of disorder, suffered it. And the worst thing is that they didn’t know how to handle it. Many cases are associated with the dangers that exist in social networks.

Contributory technology

Faced with all this mental situation and the limitations to leave home, it was not possible to go to a doctor. At least not until the relevant biosecurity measures were defined. Technology, in this sense, has made a great contribution. An example of this are the Apps to control depression, stress or anxiety.

Not only is it possible to make medical consultations by video call, but they have been designed platforms to treat these conditions. Many people simply decide to walk away and turn off device notifications. However, sometimes it is not as effective.

It’s time to take care of your mental health!

If you are looking to put your cell phone aside, there are 20 stress reduction sites that could help you. Applications there are many, however, these 3 are, without a doubt, the best options.

Make the most of these apps or recommend them to friends or family suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression. You could be making a big contribution.