The best-selling mobiles so far in 2021

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You can see that there is a desire to get out of the pandemic. So much so that the smartphone industry set a world record of revenue in the first quarter in 2021, since most of the world has decided to switch mobile phones after a year where sales stagnated. However, only one company dominates both the revenue and units sold charts.

Counterpoint reveals that, although most brands managed to improve their figures compared to the same period last year, something quite simple, Manzana currently dominates the sales of smartphones, with 3 models taking the ranking of the 202 best-selling mobiles1: iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. This allows the brand to boast 38% of the revenues of the entire market.

mobile sales q1-2021

Counterpoint attributes “pent-up demand” and a later-than-usual launch to the success of the Cupertino line of mobiles, which are followed by Samsung’s current flagship. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the fifth best-selling mobile of the year, but far behind the Apple conglomerate, taking 3% of the revenue pie. This same percentage is what the other two premium-range smartphones of the Koreans manage to accumulate, the Galaxy S21 and the S21 Plus.

The surprise is, of course, Xiaomi

Although it is also striking to find a Huawei device In the table as the Mate 40 Pro as the eighth most lucrative phone in terms of revenue share in the first quarter of 2021, the big surprise is given by the Redmi 9. And if in revenue the most prominent Android phone is the Samsung’s top of the line, the best-selling Android phone by volume in the first quarter of 2021 is not from the Koreans, but from Xiaomi.

samsung logo and hidden selfie camera

Specifically, the Redmi 9A and the Redmi 9 claimed a 3% market share occupying the fifth and sixth place, with the Redmi Note 9 adding 1% more and the success of the firm by dominating the segment of mobiles of less than 200 stands out. euros. In this price range, the sun or Samsung is capable of overshadowing the Chinese brand in terms of units sold, as the mid-level Galaxy A also sneak in there. The Galaxy A12 was the best selling mobile of the firm, occupying the seventh place, followed by the Galaxy A21S and A31 in the ninth and tenth places.

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