The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would have been canceled

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We had been talking about this new device from the Korean firm for many months, a mobile that was taken for granted that it would arrive in the coming weeks, and that was already about to be presented. Well, nothing is further from reality, as we have now known, since the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would have stopped its production, why?

Last year Samsung launched a top-of-the-range Lite model, which was well received by users, as it offered high-end features for a fairly reasonable price. And it does not seem that this year we will see his successor.

Supply problems would be behind

The news jumped a few hours ago, and it was reported that Samsung had unexpectedly stopped production of your Galaxy S21 FE. The reason given by the source points to the shortage of semiconductors.

[Exclusive] Suspension of production of ‘Galaxy S21 FE’ ahead of Samsung’s release… Due to lack of AP supply shortage

Samsung Electronics abruptly halted production of its strategic phone, which was preparing to be released in August. (1/3)

– Tron ❂ # E3 #MicrosoftEvent (@FrontTron) June 13, 2021

On June 11, the Korean company reportedly notified its supply chain that its production had been stopped and all related orders were canceled. A move that seems to have been confirmed by other sources and that would have been caused once again by that shortage of processors that we talk so much about lately.

They would derive resources to other models

Behind this decision would be a Samsung strategy in which its folding phones will be a priority in the coming months. In fact, the same sources say that Samsung would have preferred to use its stock of Qualcomm processors in the new folding mobiles, which as you know will be presented in August, practically the same date that it would have been with the S21 FE. So it seems that faced with the dilemma of not having processors for one model and canceling this one and not having enough processors for three models, it has preferred the first option.

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Recall that in August, to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note, the third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and the second of the Galaxy Z Flip will be presented. Therefore Samsung has decided to ensure the supply of Qualcomm processors for these two models to the detriment of the S21 FE. Obviously this does not mean that Samsung will not launch this phone again later, but it seems that in the best of cases it will be necessary to wait longer. We could also think of an alternative with Exynos processors of the brand, but the shortage also affects them.

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As you know, the high demand for equipment has caused a semiconductor stock break around the world that is having major consequences. On the one hand, the delay or cancellation of mobile phones, as in this case, and on the other, a gradual increase in the price due to the shortage of semiconductors, which, given the low supply, increase their costs.