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The American company seems to want to include a function in the camera settings of its mobiles that more than one might love. We mean that users could soon use their Google Pixel to be able to record time-lapse, or fast-motion videos, of the stars.

The most curious thing is that it has been thanks to an update of Google’s Pixel Tips app where small indications have been shown that the camera application of their mobile devices is acquiring this new functionality. So, it will be specifically for the astrophotography camera feature that allows users to take long exposure photos of the night sky.

pixel 4 astrophotography

Pixel Astrophotography to another level

There is no doubt that astrophotography It has become a trend, especially thanks to the different functionalities that have been integrated into smartphones that allow users to take better snapshots of the night. Without having to resort to high-quality cameras.

It has been from 9to5Google who have reported this finding. It all started when they observed how in the code of said app, after updating to version, there was a reference to a controller named as CameraAstrotimelapseSettingController. Which leads us to think that it will be a mix between astrophotography and the fact of being able to record a time-lapse video with the cameras of the terminals of the American manufacturer.

mobile photo stars

In this report, it has also been specified that if you do not have version 8.2.3 installed on your Google mobile, the device would not be able to teach the information about this new function. In addition, from this same source, it is pointed out that the next update of the camera of these terminals could not coincide with the launch of the new functions in June. So, in order to get hold of this new feature, we will have to wait for the Google camera app to finish updating.

Also keep in mind that, this time-lapse functionalityDespite being part of the code, it might not arrive with the next version. Since it is common for these codes to appear, but they do not give rise to a new feature until after some updates. So, whether in the next version or a future one, it seems that users who have some of the mobile devices of the American company with astrophotography, will be able to enjoy recording the stars at night in fast motion.