This is how it works and this is how it can be used in Samsung mobiles

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Our mobile phones have become multitasking devices to the extreme. And we say it because there is more to see that the list of things we can do with the phone is simply endless, and surely exceed the needs of 99% of users. One of the most surprising is augmented reality, which it boasts Bixby Vision on the Samsung.

Augmented reality combined with artificial intelligence offers us a multitude of possibilities, and a whole new world of features that allows us to do almost anything. One of the best examples is what Samsung’s camera technology offers us with utilities like this one.

What is Bixby Vision?

It is a software that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to obtain information and analyze everything that the camera of a Samsung mobile captures, in fact it is not necessary to take a photo, since this augmented reality It can show the results in real time on objects of our daily life. As the name of this functionality says, it is like an improved vision for the camera of our Samsung mobile. Thanks to this improved vision, everything that surrounds us can be seen from a very different perspective from the traditional one.

Bixby Vision

And that is the value it brings Bixby Vision, which allows you to see the world directly connected to networks. And we must not forget either that this technology is also perfect for people with some type of visual or hearing disability, since its services are also integrated into the accessibility of the telephone, and allow us to listen to the objects around us when there is no way of listening and seeing them when we have no possibility of visualizing anything. If you know Google Lens, this function is its alter ego when we talk about Samsung, it is a very similar app.

Bixby Vision

What can we do with this tool?

The truth is that it is one of those apps that offer us almost infinite tools, because the limits are set by us and the situations we face on a day-to-day basis. We could say that it is an excellent companion for any situation in which we need to know more about any object that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis.

Bixby Vision

Also to get us out of trouble when we visit abroad and want to know what it says on a poster that is in another language in real time. They are many modalities that it offers us to work, as you will see below:

  • Purchases: With this camera software we can point it to any product and learn more about what it offers us and what it is like. From knowing the price it has, looking for matches on the net, to being able to buy it from our phone by jumping to a purchase page.
  • Places: It is also possible to point to any place around us with the camera, as long as it is a fairly recognizable place, to be able to know more about that place and also to know more details that may be interesting to be able to share them with other people.
  • Translation: It is undoubtedly one of the most useful functions of this software, that of recognizing a text in another language in real time, and displaying it translated on the medium in which it is located, for example an airport sign, the indication of a business , and whatever else we want to know the meaning of. The translated text will be automatically displayed as if by magic.
  • QR: This type of code can be easily identified by Bixby Vision, so if you have a code of this type in front of you and you want to know what it means and where it can take you, you will only have to point to it.
  • Find similar images: this software also allows us to find something on the Internet from an image. In fact, we can find something similar to what we have in front of us, for example a poster, a painting, and not only know more about it, but also find other creations with a similar appearance, if we liked this enough to want to reproduce it. .
  • Expert winemaker: Now it also has an ideal mode for lovers of the world of wine. Since it offers us the possibility of accessing a vintage wine list, matching foods and accessing the world ranking of the bottle’s label.
  • Describe scenes: As an accessibility tool, this software can describe a scene, like the one attached in the image, where a hand is holding a card. It could also describe any everyday situation, in such a way that a visually impaired person can hear what is in front of their phone’s camera.
  • Detect colors: This tool can also detect a color that appears on a certain object in front of the camera. Something that could also be useful for people with eye problems who see the colors around them altered. In this way, these people are also helped to see in more detail something that without technology it would be impossible to recognize.

Bixby Vision

As you can see, the possibilities that this tool offers us are really interesting, and with them we can know practically anything about an object or place that surrounds us. The best way to bring the real world to the virtual world and vice versa. And all thanks to augmented reality and artificial intelligence that in this case go hand in hand to give us all this information.

How is it activated and used?

The first thing to say is that there are certain requirements to be able to use this Bixby Vision on our Samsung phone. The main thing is that to use it we will have to be connected to the network, either the Wi-Fi at home or the mobile data of our rate. If so, you just have to do the following:

  • Open the camera of your Samsung
  • Slide the mode reel to “More”
  • Click on «Bixby Vision» at the top left
  • Side-slide the small bottom reel with the different View modes we’ve seen before

Bixby Vision

Within each mode, the interface will adapt to its purpose, for example, if we want to read and extract a text from the image, the texts that have been recognized will be highlighted, and we can select them by long-pressing on them, as if they were plain text in a document. In the case of a generic search, you can wait for Bixby Vision recognizes any object and we can select it to know more about it.

Bixby Vision

Also within this tool we can access Vision accessibility tools, which will allow us to access the description of scenes, the identification of objects, read text or detect color. With these tools activated, those with a physical disability will be able to know what is in front of them, since the phone will say it out loud according to what the camera has identified thanks to this software.


As you can see, we are facing extremely useful software, which offers us multitude of options to make our day-to-day easier, both in an everyday environment, and in those moments where we cannot physically get to everything. Best of all, this tool is already is included as standard on your Samsung mobile.