Tutorial to Save Battery with No Frills CPU Control – Quick Guide

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It has happened to all of us that we left our houses in the direction of our place of work or study and when we return, our cell phone battery is in a critical state, since it was all this time without being connected to a power source.

In the long run, arriving at our home with the battery in critical condition and performing this operation to recharge it can cause the useful life of our battery to decrease little by little, that is why over time applications have been developed and a way to prevent this from happening.

In this article today in look how it is done, we will explain to you how you can save the battery of your Android mobile device, by using an application that is called ‘No Frills CPU Control‘, with which you will stop having these problems.

Next we will show you a brief, but really complete summary on this topic, from what is this application? Even how to make our battery last a little longer than desired?

What is No Frills CPU Control?

This is an application whose function is to underclock our mobile phones. In other words, it can be said that a underclock it is technically slowing down our processor (CPU).

These types of alternatives are perfect to save battery in your call of duty game or any other game, since it is possible to do everything we need reducing the work needs of our processor.

When we do the above it is possible to save a little more the battery of our mobile devices and we can also reach prevent it from overheating more than adequate.

How to configure No Frills CPU Control to save battery

To configure it correctly, first we must have root permissions as this app requires them. Once we have rooted our mobile, we proceed to open the application (It should be noted that this application is not available on Google Play, so we will download an APK).

We will see a series of modifiable options; let’s go to ‘Freq. Max de Reloj ‘and we will choose a intermediate frequency (between 1.326 and 1.482) which will slow down our processor and provide us with great battery savings. To make the changes, we click on ‘Apply’ and everything is ready.

We also find other options such as Minimum Clock Frequency, the Governor (in charge of regulating when the processor works faster / slower); and the I / O Planner (computer of read / write requests).

What are the applications that consume more battery in the mobile?

This may be determined by taking a look at the applications we use on a daily basis. To visualize this option, we will go to Settings> Battery. Here we can find a list of recently used applications and the percentage of battery they have consumed.

However, there is an estimate of applications used by a large number of people that consume a large percentage of battery; among them are Google, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Amazon, Uber Taxi, Youtube Music, Instagram, and some others.

Other Android apps to save battery

Among some highly recommended and accessible options we find:

  • Battery Doctor, available for both Android and iOS, contains background app stop options, a battery cooling tool, manages the battery with a specialized system and provides details about the battery.
  • DU Battery Saver; With a five-star rating on the Google Play Store, it is an excellent app for battery management. It has various saving modes and allows you to establish others through your own profiles.
  • Greenify is an app whose main function is analyze your mobile system and thus locate unnecessary running applications by putting them into temporary hibernation mode.
  • JuiceDefender is another analytical format application. Is manages all the functions that consume a large battery percentage, such as Wi-Fi, brightness, mobile data, etc.

Tips to make the most of your Android device’s battery

If you want to opt for simpler and more accessible options (storage) than downloading an application to save your device’s battery, there are other alternatives that you can use and that are found as options established on your mobile.

Adjust screen brightness

Screen brightness is a battery-intensive feature, so, you can adjust the brightness to an acceptable amount and that allows you to continue using your mobile phone without problems. This option is usually found in the options bar that is displayed when you slide the top of the screen.

how to save battery on the mobile

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

If you are not using the internet connection and urgently need to save battery, this option works well as an emergency alternative. Plus it’s always good keep Bluetooth connection off when you are not using it.

Activating airplane mode may also be an optionHowever, it will restrict calls, connections (Wifi, data) and messages will not be received.

Turn off GPS

Keeping the location option active all the time can also consume a considerable battery percentage, always it is a good option to keep it deactivated and activate it again only when you need it.

Close background apps

Background applications are those that they keep running service even if you are not using them and consume a certain percentage of battery.

To deactivate them, we will go to Settings> Applications> Application manager; We select the application we want to close and click on the ‘Force stop’ option, which will pause it temporarily.

Activate battery saving mode

It is probably the most effective alternative, since the device brings this option capable of directly managing the mobile system to fulfill the task of saving battery. We can find it in the drop-down bar at the top of the screen or in Settings.

How to download the No Frills CPU Control application on our smartphone?

In order to save the battery of our cell phone or mobile device from this method, it is necessary to download an application, otherwise it will be impossible to continue, to achieve this it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. One of the first things you should know is that in order to use this application, it is necessary that our mobile device is already rooted previously.
  2. Once we have made sure that our mobile device is completely rooted, we must download the application, but since it is not in an official store, we must do it through an apk.
  3. To achieve this we must open on our device, the trusted browser that we use and write “No Frills CPU Control“in the search bar and search, after this we select the option of the page uptodown.com.
  4. Already on said page, we press where it says’last version‘and finally on the green button’to download‘, the download speed will depend on the speed of your internet.
  5. After this we must click on this download and select where it says’install‘, don’t worry, the installation happens automatically.call of duty game

Steps to configure No Frills CPU Control on our smartphone

The first thing we must do is go to the central panel of applications and open the application in question, and immediately we go to the upper right part of the screen and press where it says’maximum clock frequency‘. At this point we can observe all the speeds of the processor of our mobile.

We must choose one intermediate CPU frequency such as 1.326 GHz in this way, daily tasks can be carried out without affecting the performance of our device in any way. After that we must press “apply”

At this point we have a processor that has a lower speed and indirectly this will help to save energy.

It is not advisable to carry out any other type of adjustment, much less select the box ‘apply to boot‘Well, if we do, when we restart our cell phone, we will recover the previously modified speed. In this way, the speed of our processor is affected and therefore indirectly the energy saving in our mobile.

Once you have completed all these steps and settings, you will be able to use your cell phone for a longer period of time and in this way it will also increase the useful life of your battery.