Vinzeo Interview with Oriol Romeu: Director of the consumer channel

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The departure of VIPVinzeo the market has put a before and after for the world of distribution. Although we have already analyzed its details previously, we are going to delve into its details with Oriol Romeu, Director of the consumer channel and person in charge of VIPVinzeo to learn more about this program that is being a success.

We can say that VIPVinzeo is a relatively young program, it already started in 2019, despite this, can you take stock of these first two years?

Oriol Romeu: We are really satisfied with the reception that the Vinzeo VIP plan has had on the channel. We have added more than 2000 distributors to the program during 2020 and this year the number of partners who want to work with us continues to grow.

The pandemic has been a prominent protagonist in the last year, to what extent has it affected or modified the way VIPVinzeo works?

O. R: When the health crisis began at the beginning of 2020, we were redefining some of our pillars of the program, but what we were clear about was that we should be closer than ever to our partners. We increase credit lines and payment conditions to our plan clients to adapt to their needs. We increased the product portfolio in the categories with the highest demand. But where we tried to focus was on intensifying the webinars to increase the training of our partners and for them to overcome the insecurities when prescribing products and services to their customers, and allow them to increase their business around them, ensuring their customers the success of that digital transformation necessary at the moment in which we find ourselves.

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There are many programs offered by wholesalers but since its inception, VIPVinzeo has been tried to be different and above all effective for customers. What differences do you think it brings with respect to similar initiatives?

O. R: We could say that we have increased credit lines to this group of clients, we could say that we have increased the number of commercials served by this channel, or we could say that we are creating dedicated products and services especially for this group of clients, but where I believe that We differentiate ourselves from our competition is that for us the client is at the center of any of our decisions. All our actions are included within the “Together is better”. We carry out periodic surveys where we ask our clients about our areas for improvement, and based on this we execute different actions to improve them.

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It is a reality that 2021 is a year of hope in the sector due to the expected disappearance of the pandemic. What are the plans for this year from VIPVinzeo?

O. R: We want to continue maintaining the momentum of these last months, during this year 2021 we want to increase, even more, the loyalty of our VIP Vinzeo clients, so that they achieve a greater number of long-term benefits. Now we want to strengthen ties with these clients, offering them a greater volume of services.

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If we talk about a product, can you give us some guidelines on what type or market segment has been where VIPVinzeo has performed best?

O. R: One of the things this pandemic has taught us is the need to be connected. The products that have worked the best are those that have enabled improved connectivity. PCs, Laptops have been the products with the highest demand. This over-demand has resulted in levels of growth in sales well above expectations and difficult to cover with current production. Although production constraints exist, manufacturers have worked very hard to supply the entire IT product channel in record time.

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The number of VIPVinzeo clients is high but we would like you to tell us which is the typical distributor that uses the portal. In other words, who is the client with whom you have had the most success?

O. R: VIPVinzeo is Vinzeo’s program aimed at customers in the SMB environment with which it aims to help smaller distributors in the growth of their business. This segment of distributors represents more than 43% of the distribution market in Spain according to Context. With this program, we want to become the partner of the smallest distributor. We know your needs and we want to offer you a series of advantages and tools that allow you to grow your business in a sustainable way.

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Your knowledge of the sector is of high value.Can you give us some forecasts for 2021 in terms of the smartphone and laptop markets?

O. R: We will continue to see very high growth in these categories, although it is true that demand is not expected to reach last year’s levels. I believe that the investment of companies will be directed towards higher value products and services, linked to storage, the cloud, servers, networks and everything related to security.