Vinzeo’s strategy that focuses on the customer

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For a wholesaler, the customer is always the starting point. The concept around which everything revolves, something that in the case of VinzeoAs we will see below, it is taken to the highest level, as well as each and every one of the company’s departments.

The customer and the constant improvement of their attention is the main axis on which the entire commercial strategy of Vinzeo. We can almost speak of a business obsession, since everything is done by and for the client, their needs, advice and attention. A company of Spanish origin, now under the umbrella of the Esprinet Group, which has become the benchmark company in the distribution of computer products, smartphones and consumer electronics in general. Note that factors as important to the client as the terms of payments, Vinzeo obtains almost 20% more average valuation than its rivals. Value that is set at 15% if we analyze product variety or at 12% if we talk about product delivery times.

Vinzeo results chart

Webminars, another great bet

The obsession with the customer not only affects the sales department, but also marketing, logistics, human resources, financial, quality, systems, the web, and ultimately all the departments of the company are affected by it. One of the first examples of the importance of the client is that, far beyond the new lines of credit, needs analysis and special fertilization programs, which we will see below, Vinzeo has carried out no more and no less than 30 webinars with his clients in this particular time where the face-to-face subject was impossible.

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Constant analysis of customer needs

In recent times, marked, of course, by the pandemic, Vinzeo is focused on deepening as much as possible in the operation of its clients to give them all the added value possible. For this, all kinds of analysis, surveys and market research are carried out that are analyzed in a personalized way to be more and more effective for the customer.

Vinzeo results chart

A line of training plans and certifications has also been developed with which to give more value to the client in their knowledge and management of the products and services that they sell and manage in their day-to-day activities.

VIPVinzeo the latest example

A more than evident proof of how the customer is the center of its strategy is VIPVinzeo, a work, collaboration and loyalty program for and with the customers of this wholesaler. A project come true that has been a complete success. More than 2,000 clients are active participants in this program, obtaining prices, special conditions and good levels of financing (flexibility of credit lines). To date, for example, VIPVinzeo has given more than 2000 achievements among 800 clients.

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By way of closing we can say that the strategy ventured to the client and all the nuances and aspects that we have seen in this report have been clearly reflected in an important survey carried out by GFK, a major market analyst. In this field analysis, the opinion of an extensive survey among thousands of customers who work with all the wholesalers in the market was asked and the result has awarded Vinzeo the first prize in terms of customer satisfaction.