What Apps to use to identify SPAM calls and block them?

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Perhaps the term SPAM is becoming known to us today and we fully want to avoid it. This is simple when we decide to use Apps to identify Spam calls and block them.

Before showing you the best apps to identify and block spam calls, it is important that you know what they are. Spam calls or phone spam are calls made mainly for commercial purposes, but in an invasive and insistent way.

What characteristics do SPAM calls have?

Does the concept of “unwanted mail“Well, these calls are not wanted either. They are made without user authorization and are usually very insistent about it. You can receive several calls in a matter of minutes, hours or daily.

  • They can be automated or live
  • focus on landlines and mobiles
  • It can come from hidden or visible numbers
  • They are repetitive commercial calls
  • Made without request or prior authorization to the user
  • Insistent and annoying, coming to be considered harassment

Most of these SPAM calls are used by companies trying to sell us a service. These include telecommunications companies, insurance companies and banking entities.

But beyond this, it is easy to get scammers after our personal data (address, bank accounts, material goods). All this through bogus prizes, profit-making organizations and others

SPAM must be differentiated from commercial calls, as the latter tend to be less invasive. Perhaps once a month and of course, they have clear consent regulations and an established schedule after 9:00 a.m. and before 9:00 p.m.

Why are SPAM calls annoying?

There are a lot of people who uncomfortable receiving phone calls. It doesn’t matter if it is your best friend or family member… some just feel uncomfortable.

This feeling generally turns out to be a consequence of telephone spam. Do you want to know which are the best apps to identify and block spam calls on Android and iPhone? Then you are reading the correct article.

No matter how organized you may have your address book, you will always receive a call from an unknown number. Some people tend to get a little paranoid when it comes to answering. So, for your added peace of mind, some interesting applications have been developed.


In general measures, these calls are characterized by being insistent to the point of saturating our mobile. They become annoying, due to the incessant form of calls from an unregistered number and late hours.

Some companies find that making these types of calls to offer products and services can work. However, many users have opted for block calls and messages.

For 2008, the Sociological Research Center decided to carry out a study in this regard. He himself pointed out that little more than 68% of their respondents had received these types of calls. What was it that most caught your attention or seemed the most annoying? Well, to a large extent, the calls were from companies with which the respondents had no relationship.

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection also made reports in this regard. In them, it was concluded that more than 50% of the companies went to the telephone directories. In this way, they obtained the personal data of the users to call, but now there are apps that help us avoid these spam calls.

What applications are capable of detecting and handling SPAM calls?

If you want to know who it belongs to before blocking a phone number, there are other ways to find out. In case you do not want to install any of the aforementioned applications, you can also go to the web.

Platforms like Tellows and ListaSpam they have a large percentage of reliability. Using the browser of your computer or Smartphone, you will be able to carry out the pertinent inquiries.

As a result of the above, each country in the world has taken the relevant measures to regulate these calls. They are considered an “aggressive and invasive” strategy.

Understanding this, SPAM calls and their differences between commercial calls we can think that. Ending calls with the on / off button may not be enough to stop these types of calls. Therefore, here you have at your disposal a series of incredible applications to identify.


It has an extraordinary database with which you can identify numbers belonging to people and companies. It is not only extremely useful for identifying calls, but also for blocking them. With more than 500 million downloads, it is the best application on Android and iOS to block spam calls.

This app has an excellent handling in terms of the filtered material of what we do NOT want to receive. Since it is not limited only to SPAM calls, but to messages as well. It includes recording, messaging and chat services within the app.

Calls Blacklist

Can you imagine creating a list of numbers whose calls or SMS you want to block? And not only that, but also establish hours in which you want to receive calls! Well, all of that is possible with this application.

This very useful application contains several ways to program and alternatives for blocking incoming calls. Applicable to private numbers, unknown or hidden numbers, and including all calls a great apps to avoid spam calls.

White Pages

Another excellent application if you want to identify or block calls received from the US. It is available for both Android and iOS. It has an extremely easy-to-use interface and a large database.

Its functions include searching for people and their backgrounds, in the same way, incoming call numbers. Addresses, caller ID and email.


Another application available for both operating systems. Whoscall was awarded in 2013 and 2016 by the Google Play Store as one of the most innovative applications. Its great interface and database even allows you to search offline.

It already has more than a million data collected worldwide, on SPAM numbers, yellow pages and others. Although it is poor at hidden number recognition, it does its job of stopping incoming spam calls.

Other applications in addition to those named, there are also cases such as Call Control, hiya and even Avast. It will only be a matter of testing which one is best for us and our smart device.

What is the Robinson list for?

The so-called Robinson list is known as a service that detects and prevents unwanted advertising for free. In short, it frees us from harassment or SPAM to our devices, be it messages, calls or emails. Of course, this is a personalized service that focuses on the name of a particular client. Likewise, it has a large list in its country, of companies, numbers and other unwanted advertising media.

This service is intended for several countries, that is, Spain and a few others that have their own Robinson list. In countries like Spain, it has almost half a million registered users. This allows you to configure and limit the devices to which you do NOT want to receive this advertising in addition to identifying spam calls.

This service consists of a free subscription that takes approximately three months to activate. It bases its operation on the laws of telemarketing and protection of user data. This service provided by the company Adigital, will protect us from advertising to which we have NOT given prior consent to do so.

Among the countries, in addition to Spain, are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Ialia, Belgium, Holland, Canada and others such as Peru.
Free registration is done through your Web page. From there with a survey you can do the management or for minors in our charge and enjoy this service.

From its page you will be able to see its regulations and way of working. So you can decide if you meet the necessary requirements.

With all these alternatives, you can have greater peace of mind knowing where the calls come from. This tactic has been reduced over time as a business strategy. But nevertheless, is still a way to scam othersSo be very careful.