What are the Best Android Apps? – Recommendations

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The Google Play Store is full of applications and games for our Android device. Each of them is recommended to us by the list in the Play Store main screen, all these presented sometimes, according to the sponsorships of these to Google.

However, it does not always present us with the best of applications in order to maintain fair competition among all developers. Therefore, below we show a list of the best applications for Android according to their category.

Applications to optimize my Android device

Our device is often very easily filled with unnecessary images and videos that make our phone experience software crashes. For this reason, these applications clean the cache and close the applications in the background that slow down the RAM memory of our mobile.

Clean Master

This popular application has notification control, WhatsApp debugging and junk content cleanup. In addition, this application has an antivirus tool that can perform a security scan in less than ten seconds.


Greenify is an application that helps you save the battery of your Android device. This works using the hibernate function of applications. In addition, it has an automatic hibernate function.

How to have the best social media apps on Android?

Next we will show the social networks most famous in the world. These are essential to install on our device, to start sharing our photos and chatting with our friends and family.


This is a very famous social network useful for sharing photos and videos with your friends. It uses your Facebook account. This allows you promote products for your business, share photos of your vacation and view photos of your friends.


This is the most used social network in the world, with more than 2.4 billion active users monthly. In it we can meet new people, chat with friends, follow our idols, plan events or buy and sell products.


This is the most famous video calling and messaging app in the world. It is used almost as often that most Android phone users prefer to use WhatsApp than texting or calling.

What music apps should I have on my Android?

If we want to get new songs, the recommendations that YouTube makes us they are usually somewhat repetitive. Also, the YouTube app cannot be placed in the background and its policies prevent singers from putting their entire repertoire there.


This application allows you to make playlists of all the songs of the artists you want, as it has one of the most extensive repertoires that exist. In addition, it has a “radio” mode to recommend new songs according to our favorite genres.


soundhound application on android phone

This application allows its users to find the songs that are playing in the vicinity of the phone. This is especially useful if we are changing the radio and listening a good song whose name we don’t know or we hear it on the street.

What is the best application to watch series on Android?

Many applications to watch series on Android have videos with poor quality, they are not reliable, they have too much publicity or they have little series repertoire, so here we recommend the following:


This is the most popular platform for viewing series and movies on different devices. In it we can filter the series by gender and the application remember instead of the series we stay.


HBO is another platform to view series. This is the same way that Netflix works through the service contract. This can be monthly or annual and will allow us to view movies and series simultaneously on up to 5 devices.

What is the best app to edit photos on an Android device?

In this age, social media They can be your cover letter to apply for jobs, meet people or manage your ventures. Therefore, photos are a very important form of communication, edit them with the following apps:


This is an application with a lot of tools. Among them we have; add stickers to photos; change hair color, remove background from images and make collages. We can also create business cards and brochures.


This is a gallery app that allows a little more detailed visualization and professional of our multimedia files. In addition, it has a simple photo editor where we can apply filters, crop and rotate the photos.


pixlr logo for photo editing

This app works using the cloud, and is great for sharing and edit images in different formats. Among the supported files we have: JPG, PNG, WEBP, GIF, PSD (Photoshop) and the native PXZ format of the application.