What are the Best App to Prevent Breast Cancer? See How It’s Done

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Currently we have all kinds of services through mobile applications for all types of operating systems. Although there are many a little absurd, without a doubt there are others that are really worth every second we invest in them. Some of those are applications to detect breast cancer.

Although we know, breast cancer cannot be detected through a mobile application, however, there are many that try to help you as much as they can. know all the symptoms and effects of this disease so that if you notice an anomaly like the ones described, go to a doctor as quickly as possible and make sure of this.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease that it can be lethal in many of its cases. It develops due to the unusual growth of breast cells within a woman’s body. These cells tend to divide faster than healthy cells, and they divide until they accumulate in certain specific areas and thus form a mass or lump in this area. The most common types of breast cancer are

Infiltrating ductal carcinoma, is the type of cancer that develops because cancer cells reproduce outside the ducts and attack more areas of the breast tissueor.

Infiltrating lobular carcinoma, in this type of cancer it is noted how malignant cells spread from the lobules to other breast tissues, usually nearby. These malignant cells too can spread to other areas of the body.

There are other types of cancer that, although less common, are just as dangerous. The breasts can also suffer from cancer Due to other diseases that if not treated in time, and the malignant cells spread to other areas of the breast tissue, breast cancer can certainly develop.

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What are the best App for the prevention of breast cancer?

Many of these applications are based on scientific studies and testimonials from women survivors of breast cancer. In addition, these applications can be downloaded in the application store, such as the Play Store.

CuidApplas is a application of the Spanish Breast Cancer Federation which was created by Samsung. This application is developed to teach women a healthy lifestyle and offers suggestions so that you know how to detect breast cancer early.

The Examine yourself app offers you super detailed tutorials and explained steps by step so that you can perform a breast self-exam so that you feel more secure, confident and know that you are not alone. Besides, it has an alarm that when you enter your period data, it will let you know when it is the right time to perform a breast self-exam.

Contigo, is an application in which 16 breast cancer survivors help the rest of the users of this application providing you with graphic information and testimonials about what it was like to suffer from breast cancer.

Pink Mode

Modo Rosa is an application created with the purpose of early detection of breast cancer. This allows women with this disease to be continuously advised and supported with this app during this procedure. Since an early detection of breast cancer offers many possibilities to overcome it and survive this disease. And it is that according to statistics one in every 8 women can contract this disease, so eself-examination is one of the essential options that women should be constantly performing. A good check-up allows the woman to receive an alarm to attend the subsequent medical check-up.

In this application, monthly, after the eight days of the menstrual period, the date to examine you will be indicated and it will be in constant reminder until the scheduled day is reached. And you also have at your disposal the option of choosing your date for older women. PINK MODE application is of utmost importance in these cases. This is in charge of counseling women seeking help with the breast self-examination situation in order to achieve early detection of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Prevention

It is important to keepr a good diet in our stage of life. Totally avoid the use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages. As well as take care if it is within your power to promote breastfeeding and do not forget to conduct a self-check constantly.

To prevent breast cancer it is necessary to lead a very healthy lifestyle, at least with eating habits. Include in the daily diet foods high in fiber, broccoli, spinach, chard, among others. Within this healthy eating habit It is essential to reduce the fat and sugar in our consumption, to avoid cigarettes, liquor, and other harmful vices.

It is also essential to do at least 30 minutes of exercises a day and maintain a weight according to our height. These are some recommendations contributed by the best doctors in the world in terms of cancer prevention based on a healthy lifestyle. However, we must not forget that we have to perform breast self-assessment monthly from the age of 20.

Ideally, you should go for a mammogram every year, starting at the age of 34. If you do not have a history of this disease It is recommended to request a mammogram every two years from the age of 40 and every year from the age of 50.

Breast Cancer Awareness SRIOR

WHO has declared the month of October as the month for awareness about breast cancer. Also known as the pink month. This in order to increase support for women who suffer from this terrible disease.


This is definitely a ally for the early detection of breast cancer. And it is that the Sensifemme glove contains a mineral oil inside that is capable of facilitating a much smoother movement and without the presence of friction. Increasing more than three times the sensitivity of touch at the time of performing the self-assessment.

Examine yourself

Self-exploration is vital to detect the disease in time. This self-examination is recommended to start monthly from the age of 20. In the premenopausal stage it is advisable to do it one stage after the week of menstruation. And in the postmenopausal period, set a specific day. Remember not to interrupt this self-examination during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Try to do it the same way all the time and in the way that is most comfortable for you. To do this, you must place your shoulders completely straight and your arms close to the body. Observe the shape of the breasts and detail if there are any abnormalities or lumps. Then raise your arms and check if there is a difference between the breasts. With your hand, explore the breast using the four quadrant rule.

Are these apps safe or effective?

If you follow the instructions that these applications offer you, you can obtain quite reliable results. Since you are app is in charge of keeping you in constant advice. In addition, it allows you to become a little more aware of this topic.