What are the Best Apps for Professional Image Taking?

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most of we dream of being able to travel, to know different places, different cultures, and everything unknown to us. However, many of us are overcome by fear, or perhaps nerves, of being far from our home, from our comfort zone.

Although a good preparation with the necessary items, they will make our trip incredible. You can also use applications like PackPoint so you don’t forget anything before traveling. One of the great pleasures of life It consists of appreciating the beauty of the unknown, that adrenaline from doing new things is a quite satisfactory feeling for those of us who like to travel.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to show off their travels? Well be with your friends, family, even to upload the photos to Facebook, because it feels good to show what you have seen and liked. For this reason a good device should never be missing to capture those moments.

The best thing is that you use your cell phone to capture those moments. And do not worry, in this article you will find many recommendations to make your photos amazing and professionals. We will also teach you how to assemble your luggage so that you do not miss anything on your trips.

What to bring in my luggage to travel?

Although we try to perfectly assemble our luggage when travelingIt must be recognized that in most cases, we forget things to include in it, sometimes important things and sometimes things that are not so necessary. This always happens because our brain is assimilating the activity of the trip, it is thinking ahead, about how it will be when you are already traveling, and it is normal that we overlook things.

This will always happen unless you don’t make a specific and detailed list of what you want to bring of luggage. The best thing to prepare your luggage well is to be clear about your destination, since there are things that are necessary in certain places and irrelevant in other places.

According to your destination and type of trip, that is, if it is a business trip, a vacation, a family trip, a couple’s trip, among others, we are going to choose the type of clothes we should wear. One of the best options is clothes that are made of fine fabric, that do not take up much space and do not weigh much and try to wear clothes that combine with the rest of those that you have decided to wear. So you will have several outfits with the same clothes. The same applies to footwear, avoid uncomfortable footwear.

Medicines can not be missing in your luggage, take those that you think necessary according to your medical history. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, these are things that you cannot forget. A recommendation is that you assemble your luggage the day before and the things that you use during that day you keep them so you have to take them out later, but you put them back.

Tips for taking beautiful and professional photos on travel

One of the best things about travel is coming back with hundreds of memories captured in photographs so that memory never disappears. To take incredible photos on your trips and make them look professional, you must know the instrument with which you are going to work, in this case the camera of your mobile all cameras are different and have different advantages and disadvantages.

person taking photo from montana

To take unique and original photos The magic is not in be a professional taking picturesInstead, dare to go unusual and whatever your instincts tell you. Try to create your own scenarios, or own a space in which you can create a different type of scenario than usual.

The same way have fun creating your poses, faces and grimaces what you want. Beyond the typical smile and the hand on the waist or the two raised hands. Try to capture moments that are not planned, in order to focus the natural essence of all images.

Best applications to take beautiful and professional images

The applications that will be named below are compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. Most are totally freeHowever, they also offer their paid model to enjoy many other benefits.

  • Instagram
  • Google Photos
  • Canva
  • PicsArt Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Layout
  • InstaSize
  • Pixlr
  • Visage
  • Snapchat

Free app

We all want to keep our social media startup with pretty professional and pretty photos. And what better option than being able to do it with a free app? One of the ideal free applications to obtain this result is Open Camera.

This application provides its users more advanced settings that are generally not available in a common app.

Generally, this application is characterized by have a fairly simple design and easy to operate for novice photo editing users.

The most outstanding thing is that from here you can modify the color balance, as well as the format of the image when exporting it.

Also Golden hour, has been gradually climbing the top thanks to the quality of services it offers. Here you will be recommended the best time to take the photo you want and with the perfect tonality. Which is a fairly reliable and necessary option when taking a photo.

You will have at your disposal the Planit app, which is free but contains a paid version attached. This is totally a planning app. Yes, as you read it with this app you can plan the position where the photograph will be taken.

This application also has at its disposal a endless photo tools to determine coordinates and altitude, distance and vision, focal length, depth of field, panorama and even if you want to take an aerial shot. Its design is quite up-to-date and with this app you can undoubtedly get a good photograph.

And is that when we talk about free applications there is a great variety, it is also advisable to download for free the hyperfocal application, which turns out to be quite simple and allows to know the distance where the object is going to be focused. From here you can modify their values ​​and thanks to a graphic that provides the space in which the camera will be focused.

Snapseed is perhaps one of the best applications on the market. Created by Google, and its simple design has made it the most used by beginners in this branch. It allows you to add filter and also modify in detail to obtain an almost perfect result. And not only that, but from here you can change the perspective, rotate and crop the image and adjust the color levels.

Payment app

Camera Fv-5 is a paid application, and something similar to the previous one since it also provides extra settings to take photos in a more professional way. Its design is a bit more complex, from here you can modify the ISO and adjust the focus level.

Which, even if you don’t believe it, is an essential step when making a good photo. You can also insert thumbnails and create patterns within the image to be taken. Its cost? Fairly accessible 2.99 euros and you can get it on your device from Wallplay

Another of the applications that come to light in the market is Cameringo +. This app has a more updated design. In addition to that it allows you to add a lot of available effects that go from black and white, and even add the colors of your favorite series.

The truth is, this is usually a fairly complete application. His cost is 2.99 euros and immediately when you cancel the subscription you will have all the services available in this application, as well as an extra pack of filters.

What is the best filter for taking photos?

This will definitely depend on the result you want to obtain and the editing application you are using. However, one of the most used filters is Lo-Fi from Instagram. This filter gives the photo much more life, and this refers to the brightness that it is capable of giving to the diverse amount of colors.

The use of the filter is also essential Modena from Google photos, with it they will give the image a little older. With quite opaque colors that definitely take you back to the past.

VSCO’s F2 is a favorite with editing fans. And it is that this filter allows you to retouch the image and revive the colors. Like PhotoShop Express – cinematic This is one of the most striking, and this due to the outstanding color it gives to the landscapes. Also, Google Foptos View is one of the best black and white effects, since it does not dull the image and its colors.

Equally VSCO M5, which allows you with only its application to appreciate the colors of nature since that is what it really gives when using it. It’s all a matter of taste, but definitely the use of filters allows you to highlight the beautiful characteristics that your photography has. In addition to making it more attractive to the eye.