What is Google Arts & Culture and How to Use the App?

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Most of us are fascinated or at least curious to see new things, be they paintings or sculptures, but the important thing is to get out of the monotonous and observe other horizons, other ideas and cultures, but unfortunately not all of us have the possibility of visiting sites destined for these reasons, either for economic reasons or for current reasons such as the pandemic.

That is why different alternatives have been created for the enjoyment of these activities, in the most economical way possible and even better from our own homes, without spending any money and taking care of our health and that of our loved ones. For this reason, today we want to introduce you to the Google Arts and Culture application, so that you can make the most of it.

What is Arts & Culture and what is it for?

This is an application developed by the Google company, which has a purely educational purpose, in which you can see more than 850 museums of different cultures, through it. It is an application that is completely free, so you do not spend a single penny. It is also compatible with Android operating systems greater than 4.4, which in general you can update the Android software to the latest version.

It is very simple, from this application it is possible to explore an infinity of works, which have a great history, all this through virtual museums which house them, has more than 850 museums, so you will have a good time to look at them all.

Not being enough with that, from this app you can see works of art from anywhere in the world and even observe how their artistic techniques are, all this with images uploaded in a high definition.

As I said a second ago, the high resolutions will allow you to observe in great detail every aspect of the work, so that none of you miss out. Not being enough with that, this application also allows you to filter your searches, by artist, color, and even time period.

And one of its greatest functions is to be able to observe the image or videos in 360 degrees, which is also valid in monuments and heritage sites that are in it.

In conclusion, eIt is an application that is used to view different works of art through the internet, and in turn also visit various museums around the world. The App searches by theme, artists, techniques, artistic movements, historical events, historical figures and places. Each topic is organized by category on the main page. There are more than 1700 museums from 70 countries available on the platform. It also brings a fun space where you can play with different tools that involve art and the user.

What are the functions of Arts & Culture

Apart from being able to visit 2000 museums from 70 countries with just one click. The application has several tools of which stand out: Arts Selfie, Color Palette, Art Projector and Pocket Gallery.

Art Selfie

It allows the user to find his twin in different works of art. That is, with a selfie, the application will show the works of art of a character that is similar to the protagonist of the photograph taken.

Color Palette

Agree to take a photo or open an image from the gallery to see what works of art in order to discover a similar color palette. The color palette of an image is adjusted by moving the circles.

Art Projector

With it you can see works of art in augmented reality, in its real size. For this, you have to drag a work of art in the image to observe from all its angles, just as if it were present in a museum.

Pocket Gallery

Explore Vermeer’s works of art in an immersive exhibition, so with the mobile camera you have to capture on a flat surface of a table so that a small museum appears, which can be explored in each of its rooms.

Highlights of Arts & Culture

In addition to the above, this application has other functions dedicated to your entertainment and fun. A clear example of this is Art Transfer, where you can take a photo and transform it into a classic work of art. Art SelfieFrom here you can find portraits that are similar to your selfie. Color Palette, this tool allows you to search for works of art using the colors that a photo has.

Art Projector, with it you can discover how the works look in their real size. 360 ° Videos and Virtual Reality Tours, here you can live virtually and navigate through the different museums and monuments that are available in the application. You will also be able to search and recognize famous places and places, travel through time and see ancient works.

One of the most outstanding tools is the art identifier, in which once you point the camera of your cell phone, in the direction of the work of art in question, it will only take a few seconds for it to give you all the necessary information about it, even when you do not have an internet connection, of course there are exceptions.

How to download the App and what devices are compatible?

Unfortunately this app is only available for Android Therefore, the iPhone and iPad devices are left out for this occasion.

The first thing to do is go to the application panel and press on the application Google play. Once in it you go to the search bar, which is located at the top of the screen and write “Google arts and culture“where you must press, search and select the first option.

After that, you just have to press on the green button that says “install” and on a matter of minutes and the speed of your internet, this will be installed automatically.

google arts and culture app tools

If you do not have the Play Store, there is also the option to download Google Play on any of your mobile devices.

This is how there can be no doubt that eIt is available on all download platforms for Smartphone, so it can be found in the Play Store or App Store. To download it, you just have to click the download button, as it is an application that is completely free.

All Android or Apple smart devices can have access to this App that helps to discover the world of art through the digital screen.

How to use the Google Arts & Culture App

The use is determined by the platform itself when starting the App through the icons that it shows at the beginning. However, this application includes other Google tools such as Google Earth, Maps and even the search engine itself. Through Art Camera details are specified in various works of art, which are high-quality photographs.

At the same time, it has an immersive 360º visualization, it means that a video can be observed in a space or museum.

What museums can be visited with Google Arts & Culture?

The museums that can be visited are many, but these are some:

Uffizi Gallery, Italy

The legacy of the Medici artistic collection remains in this U-shaped building, which features outstanding works by various Renaissance men, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli, and Titian.

Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands

While owning the most extensive Van Gogh collection, it also exhibits the work of his contemporaries, such as Georges Seurat, Édouard Manet and Paul Signac.

Orsay Museum, France

One of the largest museums in Europe is located in the ruins of a Fine Arts railway on the banks of the Seine. In this museum there is a great variety of French art from 1848 to 1914, including masterpieces by Monet, Cézanne and Gauguin.

Natural History Museum, England

In this museum there are 80 million original specimens from all over the world, attached are the samples collected by the naturalist Charles Darwin on his travels. On display are the gigantic eight-meter-long squid, as well as the bone structure of a bottlenose whale lost in 2006 in the Thames. Also, the impressive ceiling of the Hintze Hall should be seen.

google logo with arts background

Oceanographic Museum, Germany

There are 7,000 animals, including a family of ten Humboldt penguins that live on its roof. In addition, it has 36 aquariums and the 35 thousand-liter swimming pool for turtles is included.

National Museum of Poland

This museum contains an extensive collection of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, as well as paintings that exist since the 16th century made by Chełmoński and Matejko.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

It has 19 galleries that are home to many large-scale on-site contemporary works and installations. Includes The Matter of Time, a series of steel sculptures by Richard Serra.