Why is my Samsung A50 Screen Flickering? – Quick solution

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As soon as you insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy, you notice that it is an excellent phone for its price, but there are a few common problems to consider. Therefore, today we show you what to do if Samsung Galaxy A50 screen flickers from time to time, bringing you the solution to this annoying problem. To avoid this problem.

What are the main reasons why a mobile screen flickers?

There are many reasons why our phones flicker and sometimes we are filled with anguish when this happens, however when the screen of your phone flickers, we may think that it is damaged, but there may be another problem that is easy to solve. Which when this happens that it blinks or turns off has to do with a fall both on the floor and in the water, which displeases or damages the interior of the phone.

On the other hand, other reasons why your mobile screen flickers, it may be that it is breaking the flex cable of this or it is also frequently damaged due to blows suffered by falls and in that case you must carry your phone to the service center for inspection and repair to avoid damage. In the same way, this also sometimes has to do with the automatic brightness of your phone and to solve this problem you have to enter the settings configuration “Screen – brightness” and select “automatic brightness”, this option is used to optimize the brightness according to the availability of the external light.

For these reasons, it is important that you consider making a backup of the files stored on your Android as soon as possible and prevent them from being lost using “Android Data Recovery”, you can get the files from your phone without having to enter the system.

Increased sensitivity

Mainly when you install a screen protector in order to protect it from some shocks or falls, it can be very frequent that you notice a decrease in the sensitivity of your screen since this phenomenon takes place when adhering the protective layer.

To compensate for the loss of the sensitivity of your mobile screen, it is very necessary that you first check that the touch sensitivity option is available on your device and then activate it in the following steps:

  1. First you access the applications menu.
  2. Click on the settings icon.
  3. Then, you choose where it says “Screen”
  4. Finally look for “Touch sensitivity” and activate the switch located to its right.

System downgrade

Mainly we must bear in mind that this process is not easy and there is no program that solves this for you. However, you will need to look for the Android image of the version you want and see how it is installed on your mobile, which, downgrade your mobile It is not very easy for us to say since each one has their method, and then you have to know which is yours.

It should be noted that in some models it is very easy and simple, because you only have to look for the factory image for a couple of drivers and put some commands with the command window, but in other models of smartphones you will have to fight with programs like Odin which is to install versions on Samsung and others; Therefore, when installing or downloading a different version than the one you have on your Android, you will need the factory image since this is the file that contains all the necessary information about the Operating system and install all necessary software on your phone; as if it were a Windows disk used to format your computer.

What should I do once the screen of my Samsung A50 starts to flicker?

For this to stop to blink, at once you have to start your mobile and search in the menu the option that says “settings” then the most common is that the next step to perform is among the last settings options, click where it says “About device” then click again on “Info. Software”.

On the other hand, you will see the last option which is “Build number” and you will click several times until you see a notice that, surely says that the developer options were activated on your mobile, now you have to return once more to the menu and perform the steps that were said above, after this you should see the option “Monitoring” so you should slowly search for “Strict mode” when you find it, click on it, if it is activated you have to deactivate it in order to make you Samsung stop flashing And once this is done, verify that if the blinking stopped, despite this continuing to continue, you must try once more following everything correctly.

Reboot the device

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the flicker, it may be due to Android OS glitches. Sometimes the problems are temporary, so a reboot might help. Therefore, for the common problems and solutions for the Samsung Galaxy A50, it does not hurt to try the reset.

As you already know, the A mobiles of the Samsung company do not have removable battery. Therefore, restarting the device could be a substitute for this feature.

The best thing would be to use the force restart, which you can access by simply pressing and holding the power button for a period of at least 30 seconds.

If you wish reboot your device you must press and hold the volume down key and the buttons lying down, then select power off, to turn it on again you have to press and hold the side button until the power turns on screen.

Check the device charger

Surely you have heard that it is best to always use the original mobile charger. This is because the original chargers will offer the appropriate charging power for the mobile for which they are made.

samsung mobile flickering problem

Using a charger not suitable for your mobile can create significant problems, both for the Samsung Galaxy A50 or the A50s. In fact, it could lead to the total deterioration of the device. At other times it creates strange behavior on the device.

One of the common consequences of using chargers not suitable for your mobile is flickering. A blink can be a sign of voltage problems in the mobile. Certainly the flickering usually appears when connecting the device with the charging source, but do not rule out this possibility.

Software update

It’s highly unlikely, but if you can’t find a solution to the flicker, check if you recently updated your phone. In remote cases, updates can generate various problems. Flickering is not common, but it could appear before faulty updates.

It is best to check if other users had the same problem when updating their phones. If so, you can try to reverse the update or restore the factory settings of the mobile.

At other times, the update problem may just be happening to you. In that case, if you have a blink, uninstall the update and try disabling automatic updates.

Turn off automatic brightness

Automatic brightness can come in handy when moving around in changing light environments. Either way, a decalibration could affect this function.

samsung mobile flashes

In fact, the automatic brightness can cause flickering when for some reason the function does not execute correctly. Given this, it is best to deactivate this function.

  • For this, go to “Settings”, Mobile settings space.
  • Look for the section “Screen“And there deactivate the option”Brightness automatic”. You can also try disabling “Mode Exterior”If you can’t find the other option.

Check the developer mode options

Developer mode is intended for software developers and should not be enabled on mobiles. Either way, there is a possibility that for some reason the option is activated and some of its functions are causing the problem. If so, try the following.

  • Go to the section “Settings”.
  • At the bottom you will see the “Developer options”. This section shows the options intended for software developers.
  • Look here for “Mode strict”And deactivate that option. It should be noted that you should also disable the options “Watch updated. of surface“,”Show pressures” Y “Location of the pointer”, Since all these options can create annoying flickering.

On the other hand, if you plan to buy this mobile or you have it, it is important to check if the Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79, A80 have water resistance, in this way you will avoid a bad future surprise.

Check the software update

To check software update, first you have to connect to the internet, go to settings, then click on search, you look for updates from softwareHowever, in some phone models you may have to look for a system update, which you should take into account that the phones do not receive the update at the same time, to avoid server overload, in the same way if you have a contract with The process may take even longer for the operator, as this involves operator approval in several stages.

Turn off automatic brightness

If you wish deactivate the automatic brightness of your mobileYou just have to stay on the home screen of your phone and then press the off button and it will show you the mobile profiles and the option to deactivate or save energy, in the same way you can enter the menu, settings, phone, screen and inside You will be able to see the different customization options for your screen, including assigning the brightness level of your screen.

Enable safe mode

It is easy and simple since all you have to do is; with the device power on, you need to press and hold the power button, in the pop-up menu press and hold power off until the message reboot in Safe Mode and then hit ok to restart safe mode.

Is it possible to prevent it from starting flickering on a Samsung device?

If you find yourself in this situation, mainly to avoid this before the start of the flicker; the first thing you should do is restart your telephone In safe mode, second you must uninstall suspicious applications, since assuming that the problem with the screen flickering it is fixed in safe mode, it means that some applications have something to do with the problem; which you must find that application, restore it and if that does not work you must uninstall, finally you must restart the phone in recovery mode.